What is a feeder and a helper driver?

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  1. subways

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    What do feeders and helper drivers do?

    Do helper drivers have to have commerical drivers licence for this position and how much do they make?
  2. feeder53

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    A feeder drives the tractor trailers, to and from the different hubs in his system and does large pick-ups from customers. Sometimes there is yardwork involved. Some of the equipment may be a set of pups, 2 large trailers combo or a single trailer setup.
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    for those of us with obsessions about locker rooms, showers and underwear, a helper driver is one who helps his driver take a shower.

    (am I funny or what?)
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    I have to go with the funny!
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    Come on, what do Helper Drivers do?
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    You mean Driver Helpers? :whiteflag:
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    You're a drivers b****