What is "make service on packages"


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All buisness delivered/attempted before they close or 5pm, also attempting all p/u in the diad pick up log. Defenitley delivering all resi unless damaged or bad adress. Drive in safely. Do that and you'll be fine for a long time.


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Yes and also running misloads even if they are 10 miles out of the way.

Oh I love those. I've had misloads going two counties away. I can go deliver one ground package that takes two hours. And not only do I then get two extra hours of OT but I also now bonus. Easiest money ever.


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I guess im wondering what the difference is between an air driver picking up ground at a cpu which is "making service" and shuttling a bulk stop to meet a driver at a business.


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Years ago we had a center manager that made us run all misloads. Didnt matter how far away. If it was a business, and you found it at 3:30 we were instructed to drop everything and go deliver it. They would cover pickups, it didnt matter. At that same time i was talking to a driver in the other center in our building and he said they dont deliver any misloads unless its very close to your loop, or in your loop. I always wondered how and why the same building had two different takes on misloads.