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  1. Leftinbuilding

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    A recently retired UPS mechanic gets $6200.00 per month pension with a little over 20 years with the company. I like and respect our mechanics, but still....they are really just "support" people. Who knows what the pilots get? What about we who do the real work of UPS? Gotta love the multi-employer pension "plan".
  2. over9five

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    The mechanics work just as hard as any of us. Wish we were in their plan....
  3. loserupser

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    I double that :thumbup1::thumbup1:

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    i hate the mechanics on our building, i seriously do. i'll give 3 examples why: I'm out on a route one day & the sensor thingy on the dash wont stop beeping, the alternator light on it was blinking non stop. I write it up in the DVIR. Come in the next morning expecting it to be fixed, the mechanic just took the sensor thingy out of the truck completely & left bare wires hanging. Unbelievable! Example 2: This just happened today, covered a route for someone who called out sick. I'm filing out the DVIR at the end of the day & noticed a few pages back that the regualr driver had asked the mechanic to move the mirrors up a little, the driver is about 6'2 & the guy who had the route before him was only around 5'4 in height. I figured it would be no big deal for the mechanic to do that, grab a wrench & spend 10min to adjust the mirrors. Mechanic wrote back in the DVIR "The mirrors are where UPS wants them to be". What a d***! Another time I was shuttling late airs out to drivers & the truck broke down at food store where I met one of the drivers. Truck was backfiring everytime I started it up & the throttle was stuck so that everytime I put it in gear it would jump & start revving the engine uncontrollably. Clearly a safety hazard to myself & others on the road. Mechanic refused to come out even though I was only 15min from the building. He instead told me to "just take it slow" & bring it back to the building when I was done. I hate being at the mercy of imbeciles.
  5. dammor

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    The mechanics here are very good and especially so considering the number of old trucks we have on the road. I find it hard to believe the $6200.00 a month though.
    If it's true, then more power to them. I wish we could all be that fortunate.
  6. Griff

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    I call BS on that figure.
  7. toonertoo

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    My mechanic is the best. No he cant move the mirrors, but if they are unable to adjust to height that would be different, I dont see that. They cant actually move bolts to make them higher or lower, that would be redundant. Im thinking the driver can adjust them. The mechanics arent allowed to cater a truck to specs of one driver. They arent allowed to even move a handrail for a short person vs where they are set.
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    Allthough I disagree with your issue's example 1 and 2 probably have reasonable answer's...Example 1, your shop probably didn't have the right part in stock to fix it so instead of red tagging a truck for a none saftey part as that, they did the right thing, heck I'll even bet it's fixed properly now!!! Example 2, we as mechainc's "ARE NOT" going to relocate seat's or mirror's everytime a new or cover driver get's into a truck for a day or a week!!! Between dvir's, pmi's and scheduled work there is no time to do mirror's all night long!! If your getting a new route and your getting a different truck we will be more than happy to make it fit for you!! Example 3 you are right your shop should have come out to repair the truck or swap it out, all they were trying to do was to save a road call. Everytime a mechanic has to go on the road to chase a truck the mechanic who that truck is assigned to get's charged for that road call. I hope some of this might help you, your mechanic's might be not as bad as you think!!!!
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    Hey griff...I see your from Metro Phila, so am I we just had a mechanic retire in this district with 26yrs and he is getting $5980 a month he had 6 year's from another job he had before UPS. The only reason I know what he is getting I am his steward and I helped him with the paperwork!!! That's what you get for "not" being in a multi employer pension. You guy's should have jumped on the company's offer in 1997 but that J/O Ron Carey had another agenda in mind!!!
  10. BigBrownSanta

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    When you say "charged for a road call", what do you mean? Are they given a warning letter?
  11. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I love our mechanics. Well, I really like one of them and the other is scary crazy so I'm super nice to him. He's not one you want to piss off.
  12. dragracer66

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    Mangement has this # called 500 car day's, everytime a car goes out and come's back that count's as 1 car day. Every building tries to get at least 500 car day's at the end of every month. Depending on how many car's each building has determine's how many road call's you can have a month and still make to 500 car day's. Center's with 300 car's can have more road call's a month than a center with 125 car's. We as mechanic's will alway's try to talk a driver in if it's a safe to do so if not we have have to go. We don't get written but if the same car goes down for the same problem to many time's or if somthing we just did the night before break's down for that we could get written up but that usually doesn't happen..
  13. toonertoo

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    Their road call is equivalent or more so to our missed pkg.
    There are not nearly as many mechanics here as drivers, so only a few stick up.
    Yes Ive had bad mechanics, and Ive seen bad drivers.
    They cannot fix our every problem, right or wrong they also have to answer to the ivory tower.
    So unless its big, I talk to my mc, if its trivial I mention it. I dont say I hate them, they are held to unattainable standards also, IMO.
    Bottom line is we are all here for the same reason, and we hate it when someone makes our job harder, so should they. :w00t:
    Give the guy a break, if its a comfort issue for a day or two live with it, if its a safety issue, park it.
    End of rant
  14. BigBrownSanta

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    Thanks for the info. I always wondered why the mechanics seemed reluctant to come out. That clears it up.:thumbup1:
  15. Braveheart

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    I disagree. They work hard and have expertise. They make sure our trucks are safe and running right. They also help us out by putting in a new seat here and there. We had a mechanic have a transmission drop on his arm and put him out of work for over 2 months. Their job is dirty, greasy, and dangerous. Do you really want to outsource the truck work to a non-union shop. NO THANKS!!!!!!!! Our mechanics are great guys. I say pay em!
  16. dragracer66

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    Sometimes when I see you guy's coming in for the day alot of you guy's are dirtier than I get in a week!!! I don't know how you guy's and gal's do it every day!!!
  17. Leftinbuilding

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    You missed my point. I don't begrudge their retirement at all. Just pointing out the HUGE difference between theirs and ours. As was stated, we blew it in 97. Given all that, mechanics are not the money-makers for UPS. Would be nice to have a similar retirement.
  18. Leftinbuilding

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    "Call" all you want. Doesn't change the facts.
  19. Joopster

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    Senior captains make close if not over 200K. Co captains make 100K.

    Does that answer your question, Senor Whineypants?
  20. Leftinbuilding

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    Hey Joop, ever heard of "rhetorical"? :laugh::laugh: