What on earth is this? Has anyone seen one of these before?


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Found one of these on the floor of my truck, no idea how it got there. When I got back, I asked the supervisor and he just mumbled thanks and took it away. Never got an answer. Anyone seen one of these?

H.E. Pennypacker

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If I had to guess its something of significance, not just some jewelry or high value item. That or they just figure putting the "fbi interstate yada yada" on there will scare any porch pirates away.


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I’m guessing Arlene is one of your OMS clerks that works D/friend’s and that’s a new type of threat to say you really did get your package?


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That’s for a driver follow up, hang it on door if nobody home to sign follow up. It does get the customer’s attention most times, been using them for years in this area.