What supplemental article are we talking about?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Stink219, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. stink219

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    So my questions are,
    1) What voted down supplement are you under?
    2) Which articles in your supplement needs to be addressed?
    3) What specific changes in the articles would satisfy a majority yes vote?
  2. rpoz11

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    Are you a Teamster or Company represented?
  3. stink219

    stink219 Well-Known Member

    I'm a union steward. I understand there are many different supplement and different concerns with each. Just asking how you would address it.
  4. The Milkman

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  5. BrownBrokeDown

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    I disagree with Stink and 407 on some parts of this contract, and I think it could have been better. But, I am a little confused how people can even think that they are not teamster through and through. I started forum lurking BC months before I created an account, and I can honestly say at no point have I ever thought of either one as a company man. Just because they voted yes, doesn't mean they are in bed with the company, or that they are only about themselves. Anyone that has honestly read their posts about their actual views should recognize that they honestly believe this is as good a contract as we could hope for with screwing ourselves in the long run...

    Stink, I know you dont need defenders, just the bias that if you voted yes your in with the company is old. Hell, I voted a firm no, and this crap is starting to make me wish I had voted yes.
  6. BrownBrokeDown

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    Plus, those are very important and valid questions. I am interested in seeing if anyone has anything besides "redo the national".
  7. stink219

    stink219 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. That's why it was created. But so far only 2 people posted with zero information. Your post was the only one with substance.
  8. upsrogue

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    Although I retired in 2007 I still have friends at UPS and as a former steward (20 years) I am often called for advice. With that in mind I will try and answer your question. My experience has been that people usually vote all of their ballots the same, that is if they are happy with the National Master then they will also vote yes on the supplements as well, and if they are unhappy with the National Master then they will vote no on the supplements.
    ‚ÄčIn the west the issue is health care, Art. 30 in the Western conf supplement and Art. 25 in the Southwest rider. Teamcare is an unknown to those of us in the west. Over 30 years ago the union told us that the company plan was much better than any plan that the union could provide. the company plan still looks to be a better plan.
  9. brown_trousers

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    Exactly! If we renegotiate supplements, we are neegotiating for our independent regions, not the master.

    I dont believe we should be circumventing the democratic process by using supplements as leverage against the NMA. The majority of teamsters already voted yes for the master. If we have supplements that were voted down, we need to address the supplements, not the master.
  10. reydluap

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    Stink, I'll bite on your inquiry. I too voted NO. For the most part, I didn't see the contract proposal as all that bad. I didn't agree with everything, but I could live with it. The number one reason for my vote was because Central States was going to handle my insurance. They have done so well with my pension funding, NOT. If UPS wants to pay insurance premiums to an actual insurance company that can show me ALL of my benefits in black and white and not a wish/I think/maybe this-maybe that plan, then they might get my vote. Till then, I'll be darn if I:m giving Central States a blank check.
  11. East coast navy

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    I agree with you on some points. I will always give anyone the benefit of the doubt in any situation. As the yes voters. Just try to say I can see why you guys are going for that. That's all no voters are asking. Just in a harsh way sometimes.
  12. Hawfuh Sux

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    Give us our own healthcare fund if you're gonna kick me out of the superior company plan. We in the Southwest do not want anything to do with TEAMcare.

    Stink, does it bother you that the national cannot be ratified until the supplements and riders that went down in flames are catered to first?
  13. East coast navy

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    Healthcare is a big one for me. I want the plan setup that you have. Also getting paid for some of my lunch break. Its crazy that in my local we have to take a none paid lunch. If this is no way a option, then some other stuff. More personal days, sick days, vacations, allowed to show tattoos...
  14. BrownBrokeDown

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    Just noticed typo when east coast quoted, and couldnt get it to edit.... supposed to be "without screwing". Lol, suprised noone caught that on this forum.
  15. Delivered

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    No Vote here.. Central Supplement & Ohio Rider. Understandable that Health Care is different all around the country just as cost of living varies a lot. If UPS truly wants out of the insurance business, I have no problem with that. Allow us the time so set up a real comparable plan that the members can see the actual cost and benefit levels. Not cram us into Central States because it needs propped up just as the pension did. I'd also wouldn't mind UPS putting $100/week into my 401k instead of $130/week in the UPS Pension Plan. Would save the company money, I could invest it as i see fit, and if the fire me for something stupid, I can take my money and walk.
  16. BrownBrokeDown

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    At this time the CS Healthcare is doing fine without us. Do not confuse it with the CS pension plan.

    I have had 401k at multiple companies, and I would always prefer the pension over the 401k (provided my pension plan was being managed properly). I have watched my grandfather collect his properly run Teamster pension since the early 80's. It's a beautiful thing. With 401k's you dont invest as you see fit, you invest as you see fit in the few options the company gives you. At one job, I lost over 500 shares of a stock when my company went bankrupt, and over the last 3 years I have lost all of the company provided dollars in a very diversified 401k due to the stock market issues. So basically I have what i have put in. Profit sharing isn't much better either. I have watched my dad lose 65% of his profit sharing due to stock market issues these last 3 years.
  17. Brownslave688

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    The stock market has done nothing but go up these last 2-3 years.
  18. sortaisle

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    I still don't get how people think CS H&W is the same as CS Pension. They're entirely different. H&W has 13 months of savings and is in great shape. I'm in Washington and I know that...how is that people in the plan don't know?
  19. BrownBrokeDown

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    with the options that i have in my 401k, maybe the last year to year and a half but the 3 before that were a b!tch. I'm still just barely over even.
  20. Inthegame

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    The IBT (or some locals) did a piss poor job of education on the CS H&W plan. The plan is solid. It is not connected in any way to the CS Pension. UPS pays much more than $130 per week into the jointly administered Pension plan. You're looking at accural rates, not contribution rates, which leads me to believe you're fortunate UPS doesn't contribute $100 instead into your 401K for you to invest as you see fit.