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    My father just got a hip replacement and is moving back from MD to the west coast. I need to find a way to make more money so I can help out when he gets back. So far I have gone on to usertesting with some success in making some extra cash. I am honestly in a crunch right now and I am thinking of crossing to the dark side (holy smokes). I could also try to double up but I start school in the fall and basically that is a full time job. So i can either work "two" full time jobs or I can cross over to management and potentially screw my union route up. I would do it until after December because that's when I get vested for my pension so I have some time to think.
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    I don't know why management would even begin to cross your mind... In the long run you'd make less money than you would if you just continued the way you're going now.

    Find some supervisors working and file on them, BAM! Money lol
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    I know but I need money now, it's just an option I will have to consider even if it means that I will eventually have to quit UPS to find a better job because I went PT management.
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    No management youll live to regret it. But i feel what your saying. In the end amigo you have to do what you need to do for you and your family. Family always comes first. I just want to wish you luck and hope that your fathers recovery goes well.
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    How long have you worked at UPS?
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    Sell the BMW !
  8. DS

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    Get a part time job somewhere else.
    Don't cross over to the dark side.
    Get creative.Drive old people around,Buy cookies
    direct and sell them to your sups,deliver papers
    to the paper distributors,
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    Sell some stock, get money from the 401k i sent you a pm.
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    If going in management put the money into your pockets to help your dad, then go for it. Don't play politics when it comes to your family and love ones well beings.
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    Wow, wasn't even thinking about that. I think I might do that to help supplement my income to help buy a good used car.
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    Just remember we are nearing peak so you're about to start making a lot more money with forced OT.

    I am against management but like others have said do what you got to do. Maybe you could fill us in on their brainwashing techniques?
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    I noticed you mentioned you drive. If you do pick up any part time job you are required to inform management of your hours to avoid going over 60 in a work week. Any outside jobs that pay count towards your driveing allowance of that 60. My suggestion is go to your management team and let them know you want more work, I'd be willing to bet they'll be more than happy to accommodate you.
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    Sell stuff on Ebay. How you might say?

    1, Find Stuff.

    2, Sell Stuff.

    3,Ring Register
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    Yes, that is how I see it also and thanks!
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    About two years now, won't be able to drive for at least four more years.i have had two other union jobs in the past that is why I am close to five years on my pension.
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    It's only a '91, plus then I wouldn't have a reliable way to work.
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    I have considered dog watching in my free time, they have a website called rover I think. I will try it out. Please elaborate more on driving paper. I have never heard of such a thing..?
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    I have zero stock and don't have enough to even get a hardship loan out of my 401k.