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    So I am working as a seasonal driver helper...lowest on the totem pole...I am as low as dirt. I KNOW. So. Now that that's over. I have been working with my driver for over a week. He tells me that I am great blah blah blah...I am working 8 hour days with him and we work good together...So come time to the end of my term is when they ask the drivers how the helpers did and I am sure he will tell them that I am a keeper...always on time...never call out and so on...

    The problem is, is that the hub is 1.5 hours away. There is a closer hub that is in a different state, which would be my ideal place to go if I were offered a position as a loader. So here are my options.

    1. Call the hub closer to me and explain the situation...problem with this is that I would sound like a jack ass saying that my driver says I am good...so it's like...yea take my word for it, I'm a seasonal helper...you know what I mean?

    2. Show up to the hub and ask where HR is and explain them the situation in person...I feel that this would be my best bet. I am presentable and I think it would look better.

    3. Wait until I am offered a position at the distant hub and work there until a spot opens in the closer hub. Problem here is that the 3 hour driver per day wouldn't make up for the pay I would get working as a loader.

    Any opinions? Any other ideas?

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    Between the two hubs which offers greater chance for advancement into FT work? If the farthest one might be the choice perhaps it's something to consider moving once you're established.
    If all work out equal then smart money says go with the closer building.