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    My first post on here...

    Anyway, I've worked at Brown for several months. My hub is small but we're becoming a major point in our area. A lot of my time has been spent in the inbound. I've loaded a bit and sorted a couple times, but for the most part, I'm an unloader. Anyway, regional is pressuring us to go faster, especially in unload. There are a couple problems with that. As it stands, we have 4 inbound doors, and we push between 10k and 20k a night. Our equipment is old and outdated, we have skate rollers that are years old and barely roll. They do a better job of jamming boxes than rolling them once you get about 35' or 40' into the trailer. I can pound a 28' dropframe out in about 30 minutes with belt stoppages (I'll touch on that later). A 28' flatbed trailer is pretty easy as well, since the skate rollers don't give that much resistance when there are only 2 in the trailer. However, it seems to take me an above average amount of time to clear a 45' or longer trailer. The bay next to me seems to get a similarly sized trailer done faster than me.

    It gets particularly bad at the end of the trailer because I can't see the end of the sort table, so I can't tell if my rollers are maxed, or if it's just jammed because when I push there's a lot of resistance. The sorters don't like when you jam the packages against the end of the table since they can explode and boxes go everywhere and it's a pain in the ass to pull a box when it's crushed up against everything. Since most of the time I'm alone, I have to walk all the way down the trailer to clear the jam. This in itsself wastes a lot of time and energy. The stands for the rollers are also messed up and we have had them collapse from time to time. I talked to the union steward, he said they are on order and if they aren't in within the week, we'll have to file a safety grievance.

    Now comes the next part, the pressure to actually unload faster. I'm getting close to considering a harassment grievance because I'm tired of getting bitched at for having ****ty equipment. As it is, we have 2 belts and the outbound gets nailed as it is, forcing them to shut off their belts. If we unload faster, that means whichever belt is getting nailed is just going to shut off sooner. There seems to be no pressure on the outbound to move faster, perhaps its just the respective supervisors, but it just seems that we're the weak point. When a belt is of for 3 minutes here, or a couple minutes there, it starts to add up throughout the night. For me anyway, it kills my rhythm when I'm cooking along, and then a belt stops and I can't push out anymore boxes. As loud as UPS is, I can hear smack talking going on outside the trailer. I guess that's more pride than anything, but why can I tear into a dropframe and pound it out at a very nice pace? The trailer I have problems with is the first one of the night, and the dropframe I'm referencing is one of the last trailers of the night.

    I guess it's one more reason to wait for friday...
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    Welcome to UPS my friend. "Faster is pushed everywhere" We are not just package handlers we are miracle workers, I have complained about the same type of stuff and well you will be told moer oftem than not to "MAKE IT HAPPEN." FYI the better you are the more we will push you to do even better. Good luck!!!
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    At our center we like to say: "Until your good, you're screwed; And when you get good, your screwed!":thumbup1:
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    Rule #1-Work at a pace that is safe and comfortable for YOU,not them. Rule #2-always refer to rule #1.
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    A guy that used to post here called leastbest had the right idea.
    They drug him in the office and was told that although
    he did a good job,he was the least best out of 10 drivers.
    Thats because he took his full break every day and played
    his guitar among meandering cows.So he`s the least best,
    he`s doing a good job and they can cry all they want.
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    Been there done that & thats the way it is so they tell me but I ain't buying it. Good luck & enjoy. As for the equipment, UPS Does NOT SPEND NO $ ON NO STINKIN' EQUIPMENT.............
    UNTIL someone gets hurt
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    Relax! Stay within your ability. Do your best and show up every day on time. Give them a fair day's work for a fair day's wage and you'll be fine.
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    Under The Radar has got it right & thats good advise too!
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    If you are taking your your full breaks and lunch, and others arn't. You are not the least best, the others are. You are working as instructed and the others arn't, and are subject to disciplinary action, not you.
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    quote=upsgrunt;211096]At our center we like to say: "Until your good, you're screwed; And when you get good, your screwed!":thumbup1:[/quote]
    That is soooooooo true!!!