What was UPS like before the union

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BobBarker, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Here ya go. Hopefully this will help. EDF6C82B-E32E-4E86-BAD5-300C8DD45552.png E64306CB-FA64-48C1-B9EC-547ECD118278.png
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    I can’t beleive, with all the advice he gave you for learning how to smoke meats, you call him these names.
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    Where was my attack?

    I know where your's is.
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    Truth hurts sometimes.
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    Substantially more profitable.
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    Want to know another reason why so few members vote? Because the Union has done 3 things over the years...

    1. The Union has gotten us the best wages and best benefits in the industry and some of the members just are spoiled and apathetic

    2. The Union recently (past few contracts) allowed UPS to split each other into PT / FT classifications with a huge divide between the members (pay and status within the company) making PT employees apathetic to Union issues

    3. The Union this past contract in particular turned on its own members in such a way that the members feel betrayed and sold out by its own.

    Vote for new leadership in 2021 and get ready for 2023. It could be more of the same or it could be a positive thing for our Union and its members. Remember the members who are involved are the Union!
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    Hard to know what it was like before the union.
    It was so long ago, i do believe all the folks from that point in time are dead.
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    That’s uplifting
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    @rod ?
  12. Pretentious
    LMAO Did you borrow a $5 word off of @Turdferguson ?