what was your biggest dispatch day

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    just wondering what some of the biggest dispatched days may be. I for one had a 18.06 and was only second highest for the day. It happened years ago when we had the international waybills and had to check each invoice. It was end of quarter and I picked up over 3500 internationals and (no most of them were onesies) the next driver came in to pickup what I couldn't which was around 4000 more. He had a dispatched day of 19.08. Everyone told us they wouldn't pay us that much overtime but they did. btw I worked just under 12 hours that day so I did get over 6 hours bonus that day.
  2. I once came in ~4 hours under on a ~9 hour paid day. They don't tell us our over/under anymore so i don't know if i ever beat that. We're not a bonus center.
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    My biggest day... 38 stops 684 pieces delivered 33 pickups 7,545 picked up. (17 totes of 2nd day air letters, van route) I was 14.40 hours under. LOL The dispatch sup said i could have been fired for padding my numbers even though i scanned the end of day bar code. He "fixed" my numbers and put me for 1.5 hours over. They sure know how to screw themselves over. Their center #'s would have looked great for the week with that performance. And they claim that they never play with our "production" numbers.
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    I have seen that happen also. If someone is too much under they will adjust the numbers. Mostly if you pick up a lot of envelopes. If its a tote full of envelopes it would be considered containerized so would only count as much as 1 package.
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    We had a route that was 12-15 hours everyday. You would deliver a bulk stop of about 1500 packages first stop of the day. Then u ran junk pretty much. The driver was always threatening to run over scratch one day lol. It's all on pallets and delivered by feeders now.
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    I don't look at dispatch time because I don't care. There is no such thing as "over/under."
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    A driver use to assist with a pick-up stop on one of our feeder pick-up runs, and he would claim credit for half the packages. His dispatch would generally run in the 17-19 hour range, and yes, he was paid bonus. UPS told him he could not do that, the union said yes he could... I never heard the outcome of the grievance, but the stop has since outsourced to UPS Logistics, and trailers are dropped off, loaded by Logistics PTers* and hauled directly to the major hubs.

    When UPS was hiring for the operation, they actually recruited incumbent PTers from my building to work there. So we have several guys working for UPS, but receiving two checks & two different rates of pay....
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    I've wondered about that. most of our trailers we get during twilight are palletized stuff from steve madden, vans, groupon etc. they all come in ups trailers though.

    do we just drop the trailer off at their warehouse and they load it up themselves? then a feeder drive picks it up?
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    In my building, we drop trailers off at bulk shippers as well as have package car drivers pulling trailers as part of UPS's "TDP" (trailer delivery program). In the former, empty trailers are dropped off, filled and later picked up and hauled directly to large regional hubs (we're one of UPS's largest facilities, but we're not a hub). In the latter, the package car drivers wait for the shipper to load their stuff, then return to our building.

    UPS supplies refrigerated trailers to one of our largest bulk shippers. Unfortunately, these trailers are pulled empty back to the shipper... except during peak season, when they'll go through our building. While it'd be nice to unload a 53' refrigerated trailer in our hot, humid summers, I typically only get to do so in the brutal cold during the final weeks of peak.
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    I don't ever look at over under numbers since I made book but I'm told I usually am under on the routes I'm trained on. My on car came up to me Monday morning and said wow you scratched Jim's route Friday and you took an 80 minute lunch. No one ever has scratched that one. I said "well then it was probably luck and if it is never scratched why don't you fix the dispatch or give it a fair time study...and I only took an hour lunch and sorted for 20 minutes..."
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    Did you record the 20 minutes as sort and load time?
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    Why do you give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:?
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    we've been instructed to not use sort time anymore. We had a center manager fired for having us use it. Now he's gone and so is sort time
  15. Dracula

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    Ah, the UPS double standard. Count a tote full of envelopes as one, and count a 69 pound package going to the 3RD floor of an apartment as one. Seems fair, right?
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    Dispatch to me is the same as a complete day. Think it was in 1999. Started at 830am, punched out at 1145pm. They never did give me that split again.
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    but they dont adjust the numbers when i have 35 boxes of paper going up 2 flights of stairs. All i get then is "why did it take you an hour or more to do that stop?" That's why production #'s are bull!!!! They freely admit that they change them whenever they need to.
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    I bonused 12 hours once due to a pickup that shipped out 15,000 padded envelopes with one tshirt. . It was a one time ship, and I had the bonus taken away. Couldn't sacrifice 300 bucks on a pickup that they just got 45k for.
  19. dilligaf

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    We have or had (I think we've lost it) a bulk pickup like this. We tried to do it for awhile through the center but it was to much for us to process. It went to feeder and Yes, a feeder driver would drop an empty and pickup the loaded one every afternoon.
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    Well this post is interesting, my biggest "dispatch" was when I farmed before UPS. This job is tough, don't get me wrong, but when I started at UPS I would think to myself, "It's like a walk in the park Kazanski!!!" There are harder ways to make a living, just saying.