What will the next President do?

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  1. over9five

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    In this story, President Chavez of Venezuela says he will not restore relations with the U.S. until President Bush leaves the White House in January.

    How do you feel Obama or McCain will deal with this?

    I feel McCain will write the idiot off, while Obama would kneel before him and beg for forgiveness.
  2. moreluck

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    Obama will want to talk to Hugo to find out what happened in his life to make him the way he is.

    McCain won't give Hugo the time of day.
  3. tieguy

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    I thought chavez lost the election last year?
  4. Jones

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    There's really no reason for the next president to do anything. Chavez has made things personal with Bush, but it really hasn't affected our oil relationship.

    We account for about 60% of Venezuela's oil exports, but they account for less than 10% of our oil imports so they need us more than we need them.

    I don't think it matters who the next president is, Hugo will take the opportunity play nice and make up because it's to his benefit, while making a big deal about how much nicer the US is now that Bush (the devil!) is gone.
  5. UPS Lifer

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    I think BO will probably send community organizers down there and offer all the radicals free education in the US to try and win them over.
  6. tieguy

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    Maybe we take the free oil that chavez sends us and we give it to the poor people of Venezuela.:happy-very:
  7. Jones

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    They've got the cheapest gas in the world at less than .20 per gallon. Let's keep the free oil....
  8. paidslave

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    And he really need BUSH?

    AS for our homeland hopefully a Rash of indictments in the financial sector from Barrack or McCain or whomever makes the thrown! Expect massive layoffs..... I

    McCain's words were sympathetic as well.

    "America is in a crisis today," he said — then added: "The economic crisis is not the fault of the American people. Our workers are the most innovative, the hardest working, the best skilled, the most productive, the most competitive in the world. ... But they are being threatened today ... because of greed and corruption that some engaged in on Wall Street and we have got to fix it."
    Some in the markets, he said, "have treated Wall Street like a casino."

    The Capitalist bends the rules for s big government! Trickle down economics only works when something trickles down but these greedy bast.rds keep it all for themselves! This is why Obamas tax cuts to the WORKING people have the most appeal to me. McCain is a much stronger candidate but somehow feel he is a part of the Good Ole boys club!
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  9. diesel96

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    Why are community organizers getting a bad rap in this country? Cause Sarah "snarky" Palin made a joke?
  10. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I believe the point was for those paying attention was that a community organizer does not account for executive experience since there is no responsibility or accountability with the job.
  11. diesel96

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    According to who...a UPS mgr and a VP newbee Canidate? Statements like these shows who's the elistists really are. The unfortunate folks effected in areas where "community organizers" are needed so the people have a voice with their elected representatives. Community organizers are real down to earth people with a heart, who really care about their community, and not self interested agenda's and padding one's resume. If you ask the folks touch by community organizers, I'm sure you'll have a different answer. As a matter of fact, we have a beneifit motorcycle ride every year and raise money for a deceased community organizer who was instrumental for a YMCA club near our community that the good folks in this community take great pride in. Community organizers are the folks that executive politicians need to have an open door policy with. If you blow them off such as Sarah Palin has then there's no voice for them to be heard.:peaceful:
  12. wkmac

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    As to the first point, obviously on a political and economic level, I completely disagree with Chavez as the method of leadership but to be fair to Chavez, Bush made it easy for Chavez to take the position he took and one could argue promoting a more authoriterain Chavez to boot.

    There are suggestions abound that the Bush adminstration had it's hand in the April 2002' coup attempt to depose Chavez because we only like democracy when it fits our interests.

    Tip of the iceberg http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/1933526.stm

    To make matters worse, over the last 60 years we have a sad history of doing these type of things (Iran and Iraq being very good examples) and Chavez knows this so when it walks and quacks like a duck, etc. etc. Also, Chavez' open relationship with Castro inflammed anti-Castro Cuban-Americans who are powerful in the republican party ranks, Otto Reich being just one small example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Reich so it's easy to make a tyrant into a villian but when you play chess, in order to achieve checkmate you have to convince your opponent to make moves he/she might on their own not make.

    Chavez may now feel the only way to protect himself in office is to tighten down the screws which he no doubt has done. Seems to me our gov't pulled a Hegelian Dialectic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hegelian_dialectic#Hegelian_dialectic but he wasn't smart enough to avoid the trap. If he stays the course after the coup and leaves things as they were, he probably risks another coup attempt. If he clamps down as he did, he's now a propaganda tool as he has become. Either way, he's toast and he knows it.

    I'm not defending Chavez nor do I support his means and method of governance but this isn't all one sided in our favor either as we may have our own darkside.

    As to your 2nd point about who the next President is, I don't know about how he'd feel if it were McCain. I don't think he feels threatened by Obama or the democrats because the anti-Castro forces are not strong in the democrat party like they are the republican so it's a wait and see game IMO. I don't think it's a big secret a long of foreign elements are pulling for Obama but it's the bureacratic US security state and it's bureacracy that everyone has their eye on. And if the old cold war mentality esculates, there's no telling where this all goes.
  13. UPS Lifer

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    You twist and turn things to make them work in your world!

    The Community Organizer thing was in reaction to her being nothing more than a small town Mayor.

    How conveniently you forget. It was tit-for-tat!
  14. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    And the rest of us don't?

    I'm absolutely shocked!
  15. UPS Lifer

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    This point was made before but I think it needs to be revisited.

    "Trickle Down" vs. "Bottom Up" economics.

    Greed is a key ingredient. I cannot refute what just happened. It was irresponsible and people should go to jail if wrong doing can be proved!
    I would be the first to support that!

    But this does not discount Reaganomics. When business is successful so is the country and every person worth their salt is affected in a positive way. Key phrase - worth their salt!

    Look at the housing downfall - The market went bad and it has affected the entire country and rippled throughout the world.

    In bottom up - you create more bureaucracy and red tape which I equate to inefficiency and lost money. The more layers of government you have, the more chance for abuses.

    Greed is also present. There is welfare, social security, medicare etc.etc, abuse that we pay for. We also build dependence on the government into our socioeconomic fabric. This means that people depend on the government for their existence and survival as well as their day to day lives.

    I do not want to discount people who are truly in need of help. This is not about them.

    This is about people at the bottom who are there because they are criminals, drug abusers, and low life scum who feel that you and I owe them our paycheck. They will take no responsibility for their actions and wallow in self-pity, hatred, etc. They make little or no attempt to improve their situation and make one excuse after another why the glass is half-empty.

    The working poor and some of the middle class can only put money they receive into the bare necessities of living. The money is not spread to the entire economy without that spread gains get lost in the process. The country does not move forward. It stagnates.

    The evidence lies in the rate of return to normalcy between the catastrophes of Katrina and the floods of the midwest. At the Democratic convention during an interview, I heard Mayor Ray Nagin (who is a piece of crap) say he was still waiting for the federal government to pick up the mobile homes and relocate them. Nagin is the type of person who proliferates this "woo is me" attitude. People are not "doing" ... they are waiting for help.

    This is a trickle down example...
    Most successful businesses subscribe to adhocracy. Let's just take UPS, besides your paycheck and wonderful benefits, UPS is the largest sponsor of United Way. Talk about trickle down.... when a catastrophe happens, UPS helps coordinate aid to the victims - Trickle down.

    You have healthcare so UPS and your money goes to the healthcare industry. Because of your buying power, you support unions, car, travel, housing industries, etc etc etc!

    If UPS disappeared tomorrow, what would happen to the economy? 450,000 out of work - all industries and business across the spectrum would be affected. What would be the trickle down affect from that?

    For America to move forward, government needs to support business, create incentives to improve benefits and pay rates and salaries to create spending power.

    Without a strong business community, our way of life as we know it will diminish and as we go so does the world go (in the short term until some other country, CHINA rises up).

    We had a war effort that helped get us out of the Great Depression, now it is time to focus our power and government on all types of energy exploration.

    Create and bolster natural gas and other alternative energy industries which will create jobs.

    I really don't think a lot of people understand what trickle down really means !?! I hope this example helps you understand it a little better.
  16. tieguy

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    Oh my god you actually expect me to believe that line of BS? Come diesel we are not a bunch of 16 year olds at our first communistic brainwashing here. :peaceful: