What would you do in this situation?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cental34, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. cental34

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    Towards the end of the sort, tonight, I was finishing unloading an extra long William-Sonoma load. For the most part, I had to do the truck by myself. After the belt ran out, my full-time finally sent me someone to help knock it out. Along the way, there were plenty of smalls on the floor, waiting to be toted. So this guy is taking his time, tossing a box on the extendo here and there. Then he pulls out his cell phone and starts talking while we're still unloading. After we finally finish off large packages, there were still the smalls to deal with. My supervisor instructs me to let the small boxes ride and tote only the bags and envelopes. I pass on the instructions to this guy. After about 5 packages, this guy just walks out of the truck. Doesn't say a thing; just walks out and doesn't come back, leaving me to finish up a pretty large amount of the load by myself. What would your reaction be?
  2. SmithBarney

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    My reaction... there goes another seasonal(or PTer) out the door
  3. tieguy

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    Do your job to the best of your ability and let the supervisor worrry about the other guy.
  4. cental34

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    Are you a supervisor?
  5. ItiswhatItis

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    you get paid by the hr take your time.
  6. VoiceOfReason

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    Speed up his eventual demise and tell the sup what he is doing, unless you don't want to be a brown-noser.

    There are production goals to meet and you guys don't need someone like that dragging you down. You are going to get yelled at and told to work harder and faster for someone elses dead weight.
  7. lets go get him central.

    i asked for guns for christmas though if u want to wait. i cant tell how :censored2: u are
  8. bigbrownone

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    Can't answer that one,,,,but I bet this guy is:

  9. Griff

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    Hey VoiceOfTreason, I have a production goal for you to meet, eat my ***.
  10. cental34

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    You're correct. VoiceOfReason is a sup.
  11. VoiceOfReason

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    Why do you have to get ugly? Production on a local sort operation does not involve working yourself to death. If everyone works at a regular pace it can be made fairly easy unless there are slackers or too many people.
  12. sendagain

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    I'd be happy the loser was out of my way.