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  1. I deliver trailers to a small "hub". I watch the pt(non mgt) shuffle cars into the lineup. Same guy, every morning. He doesn't wear a seatbelt-ever. Small hub, only on property. I domicile out of a medium-size hub in a medium-size city. That is a cardinal sin here. I have suggested to the pt all of this and he just shrugs. I have counciled him that if the wrong person see's that........all to no avail. People have fallen out of their pkg car and have been run-over by the very same pkg car. Even at yard speeds. Thus the rule. The best advice you just can't take....
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    Video tape him and then file a grievance. He shouldn't be moving vehicles.
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    He stated the person is a P/T hourly (presumably Union).
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    You have done what you can do. Some people cannot be helped.

    I would bet dimes to dollars that his supe knows, but because the guy does it fast, he/she does not say anything.
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    ​Until someone gets hurt.

  7. I'd bet you're right.
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    Had that very thing happen in my center. This is in the early 80's before anybody gave a damn about seatbelts.
    Old timer, never wore his belt. 62 years old, 3 months before retiring.
    P-600. Cut a corner short, rear wheels ran over the curb flipping the car on it's side.
    Threw him out the door and landed right on top of him. Killed him instantly. Horrible.
    You be doing the guy a favor reporting him whether he thinks so or not.
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    If that's the case, then it needs to be reported to the BA. The BA can decide how to present it to the company. But, no matter what, if he is moving a UPS anything, that belt had better be buckled.
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    ...and yet none of you feel compelled to report a driver who you know for a fact received a DUI/DWI, lost his license and failed to report it to mgt?
  11. I have comtemplated mentioning telematics(to the p/t). It would be easy enough noting the descrepency. I do believe it would fall on deaf ears....still.
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    I guess the next step would be to confront the part timer again, and tell them that if they don't start wearing the seat belt you are obligated to report them, not just for their own safety but for the safety of others working in the yard or building.
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    Telematics would not be an issue in this situation as the PTer does not have a DIAD.
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    ​We were told that telematics reports don't show anything within a certain distance of the building.
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    This is not true. We had a driver who showed a driving with bulkhead door open in the building.

  16. Sure about that? Telematics only work when a diad is linked to the car?

  17. I can't imagine why this would be so. Maybe that's why everyone speeds, runs stop signs and don't wear seatbelts on property.
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    Telematics works off of the GPS in the DIAD so, yes, I am 100% sure Telematics would not apply to a PTer shuffling cars in the lineup.

  19. Well, maybe now is the time to mention on-road sups riding around property and on area without a belt on or even riding in the stepwell, holding onto the handrail......seen it many, many times.
  20. menotyou

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    I agree with the deaf ears, but God forbid the kid gets hurt somehow. I would mention it to your steward, if ever see yours. :wink2: