What year is your Truck (oops I mean pkg car)?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by boswharfs, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. boswharfs

    boswharfs Guest

    Just for fun guys and gals,
    What are you driving?
    Mine is a 1976 Ford P800. Was slated to be crushed this year, but decided they needed it to make one more peak.
    Although I would like power steering, I can't complain. This thing drives really well for a 30 year old truck.
  2. hr_guy

    hr_guy Guest

    1995 Ford Diesel. 11 cube, 5 speed. The best part is, low step and also killer e-brake.

    Worst part...no speedometer below 25mph. Also, that means i have to estimate my mileage every day. [​IMG]
  3. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Guest

    1978 P500 with a new engine that has not been "detuned" yet.
  4. pd109

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    Mines a GMC/806*** no power steering,converted to propane, not sure what year,197? ,old engine had almost 500,000 on it till they gave me a fresh one,all the new trucks are p700 diesels here.
  5. switchoff

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    And I gots meself a new P7--2003. The only thing that sucks about it is that there's no ventilation in the back. The P-5's and 8's all have some sort of dinky airflow going into or thru the back. I notice the 7's are a lot hotter in the summer.
  6. switchoff

    switchoff Guest

    And I remember when I upgraded to a P-7 from a P-5. I was tired at the end of everyday for over a month because of the extra workload. I was humping an extra 40-60 pcs a day, stuff that didn't fit in my truck before.
  7. upsdude

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    1997 P1000, 90,000 miles and in great shape.
  8. oakland

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    I have a late 80s GMC P1000 4.3 V6 Whipple Supercharger, nitrous, roller cam, 4speed, 3in exhaust, ladder bars and 8track player. It does 9s in the quarter. Race that DJ!
  9. pd109

    pd109 Guest

    you must run scratch every day with that thing
  10. speeddemon

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    1980 something P800, no power steering. Right windshield wiper lags bad, but they wont replace it. Windshield has serveral cracks. Around 250,000 miles in this engine. And it has been known to crank from stop to stop.
  11. ddomino

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    Mine is an 85 p1000. Right now I'm on comp 4 weeks post-op from shoulder surgery. The final string was pulling down the rear door, but I believe the steering (no power) and the shifter (in my "end range") are as much to blame as the door. This contract calls for UPS "To replace trucks at a rate no less than the former contract". The former is the one after the 97 strike. During that contract I don't think we got any new trucks. We now have a few 04 or 05 p1100 that are automatic, but not nearly enough.
  12. ddomino

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    We have many semi-new trucks in our bldg 1995, 1996 or in that area. Most of these drive great, have large cabs, low steps , no lip between cargo and cab, and intermitten wipers. What most lack is up to date safety features. The turn signals DON'T turn off automaticly. The seat belt is a lap only, instead of a lap shoulder combo. The wipers are small and don't clear snow well for seeing or at all for seeing the mirrows. Safety is only a word UPS likes to use not a way of life. The way of life is MONEY at all cost.
  14. brownmonster

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    '95 P1000 253,000 miles. Got it with 76 miles on it and promptly dropped the drive shaft on the Interstate on mile 77. Been running great ever since. BM
  15. upsrogue

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    2003 P47 Sprinter. I've already put 135,000 miles on it in 2 years
  16. xracer

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    driving an '03 p470 with 185,000 miles had 177miles when I got it. Not too many problems with it and I like the heater in the winter. Before that I had a p500 with over 800,000 on the odometer, they are still using this truck but it stays closer to the bldg now.
  17. ezrider

    ezrider Guest

    Things have gotten somewhat better as a whole as far as better vehicles go at least in my corner of BROWN. I can remember a guy who had to go to the clinic one night after getting splinters in his forearm from one of those old wood bulkhead doors in his p600.

    A modern truck can really make a route better. I actually saw a guy with a ton of years in volunteer to relinquish his nice diesel to a lower seniority guy. He stated that he had no tough turns or steep hills to climb and that the junior driver would be better able to contend with the tight alleys and crowdwed car dealership lots that easily overmatched the dinasour he was in. A class act by a class guy.

    I have noticed a few customers have complained about the noise level when the hazards are turned on with some of the newer models. But wipers that actually have washers that work more than makes up for that in my view.
  18. swingdriver

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    someone who gives up their power steering truck to a less senior driver is one hell of a team player. wish we had more of them... in our center
  19. downtowner

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    1978, Shelves have support columns every 3 feet (top shelf to floor)can't slide pkgs. Back door release is at floor level. First step back into truck is the absolute maximum I can raise my leg, without jumping.27 yrs of dirt, grease and who knows what in cab. Runs good, $200.00 obo
  20. scratch_king

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    Mine is a 1995 Freightliner P700 pushing a quarter millon miles and the engine runs like it too! Its about as worn out as me.