What's going on in Western NC?

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    I keep hearing that their are serious gas shortages, any UPSers on BC from Western NC?

    How is brown handling this? I'm hearing about towns and schools shutting down for a couple of days to keep from using gas.

    This is a lot of a self-fulfilling prophecy though. It happened in Nashville and Atlanta this past week, rumors of running out of gas lead to . . . the towns going out of gas.
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    tourists24 is in Western NC
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    yes, things here in WNC are incredible. There is almost no gas to be found and as soon as the gas trucks hit the pumps, the lllloooonnnngggg lines start to form. It's nothing to wait 2-3 hours to get gasoline. You start to see a different side of people when things like this happen. Fights breaking out; seen a couple of reports of people ramming their cars against one another.

    Kind of hard to understand, it seems to be localized to our area, travel an hour to an hour and a half and things are reported fairly normal. Havent seen anything like this since the 70's.
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    Lol some stations are playing stories like "The end of oil".
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