What's the Deal with HR?

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    cant get that sound out of my head of when you tried to connect to AOL while someone was on the phone ...
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    Or pick up the phone when someone is sending a fax
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    Have you spoken to Janice?
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    I see what you did there.
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    He was using carrier pigeons, as phone service was not in his area yet!
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    That's expert trolling lol! Thanks for making my Friday!
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    Go hike up 5 steep driveways with hello fresh boxes. It’s not quite ecstasy.....
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    Exactly brother, and worse than Hello Fresh too. That's why it's hilarious to hear from an ex-letter carrier that we "only have to deal with parcels"! Gotta be trolling, but either way it cracked me up.
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    Management is very unprofessional.It's impossible to get in touch with hr and every place you call transfers you. Some hang up on you or on hold for 45 plus min. If you do get a person they say it's wrong department. I'm still owed 4 weeks of pay checks that i have not recieved because they said I was accidentally deleted from their system. Then I was fired for not to go to work for 3 days because I had no meney to pay for gas to get there i walked my neighbor hood for those 3 day collecting cans so I could pay some one to take me there just to be fired when i got there even though i was in touch with my sup everyday. He knew what was going on and lived close to me but wouldnt let me ride with him to work . But gave me a good rehire standing now if I'm so bad I need to be fired why would you give me good rehire standing?? So I waited couple months and like I said I loved the job so i reapplied and was rehired only to be met with more paycheck problems I have a disability severe anxiety and my boss sent me to another department which i was not able to handle had an embarrassing panic attack and had to go home early.The next day managment was laughing at me with another sup saying heard you couldn't hang had to go home early. I was so embarrassed. I tried to play it off saying those people were bad a#! and need some colkies or something cuz I couldn't pull it of and while laughing amoungst them selves tells me that I gotta go back on that line. I immediately start haveing a panic attack again heart racing ,palms sweaty, fighting back tears I was like seriously? I cant trade places wwith anyone in this whole building? It has to be me? Manager was like well thats were we need u and I'm like for real pleasse don't make me do this you say what happened yesterday. I'm crying at this point and I cry the whole way over to that line and I'm trying to tough it out and an unmarked for hasmat box comes down the line. I go to load it like all other boxes and I'm sweaty and breathing heavy so my mouth was open when I tilt the box back to place on top shelf a chemical spills on my face, in my mouth and on my arms and chest. Im on fire it hurt so bad burning so i took my water bottle and poured it on my face to flush it off well I go to front of the line to tell someone because I'm disorented cuz im not in my normal work space I find a manager and we walk to otherside of building to hasmat.The hasmat girl said idk what to do I gotta look it up come on lets go get box and asks me if I can walk I said and we walk all way back to get box but shes walking too fast and I lose her. My manager which is clearly mad says "And how did this happen? get in the office and sit down."So I did and I keep wiping my arms becuz its burning and hes irritated and has an attitude while acting like it's my fault. My anxiety is so bad i can barly breath at this point. After about 10 min the girl pops in and says "Get her to the shower quick, thats pool shock on her." So they put me in shower fully dressed and people can see you. It's so embarrassing. Then was told to go back to front of building to girls bathroom soaking wet for about 30 min waiting on them. When they brought me clothes they brought me drivers clothes drivers and I changed but still had on wet underclothes which are now outlined in a wet outline and soggy boots and socks. Well everyone knows drivers don't load trucks so now they sent me back to work on the front end of the line where the majority of all the traffic in the whole building is. so not only am in driver clothes loading a truck in front of the whole place i also have a wet outline of my bra and panties showing too. I was so humiliated. And because I had that chemical in my underclothes still i was burned badly by it on my bottonm and inside my mouth and have pemanet discororation scars and no scence of taste since 9/17/19.I got folleculitus and cellulitus from the burns I recieved and got bad infection.If you have ever had either of those then you know how incrediably painful they are. Its very painful so I wasn't moving very fast and told them was in a lot of pain.My boss said he was gonna fire me if i didn't get my numbers up. I explained I was in so much pain and had blisters everywhere. He said "Well go have her set up dr appt for u." So I did and she said when I came back tuesday i could go. So thats 2 more days in severe pain. So tues comes and I ask about the dr and he says "You seriouly need go dr? It was over a week ago. Why are you just now telling me this?" I was like "Huh? I told you saturday."he said "Bull:censored2: your not pinning this on me I would have wrote that down."I'm really confused now and don't know what to say . well the other girl walks up so i ask her about dr she tells me oh you gotta tell the main manager you wanna go. I was like for real? Why didnt u tell me that days ago i have been hurting all this time. So I go find and tell him. He says get it set up to tak her. She tells me we will go at 730 go to her office so i did. I get my stuff together about 755 I clocked out thinking we about to go. She brings another girl in and tells me she's somebody but thats bs because I had worked on the line with her about a week before. Then tells me that the reason I got burned was cause my water bottle I poured on my face is why I got burned. I was like "Really? It wasn't the shower you put me in? Or the wet clothes you left me in?"To which she said "Thats different water." huh?? seriously??I said "I dont know what that has to do with me going to dr now but ok thanks for telling me." then says she has to ok it with someone else. Im fighting back cying again at this point and another manager says "Come smoke with me."well i dont smoke but agreed to go get some air and try shake this feeling off. she asked me whats going on so I tell her and we talk till like 845. I go to find out whats going on and she's gone. Doors locked and lights are off I couldn't believe it so I left and went to dr only to get a text from my mager saying. "If u had to go to dr so bad why did you leave at 755 she didn't leave till nine I lost it starting bawling. I was like I got 3 witnesses that will prove i was there till 845 why are treating me like this? Is it because u got in trouble for falsefing my time and I called you out on it? Well I texted him few days later to get workmans comp info from him he said what claim? I don't have access to any of that so now i'm scared, noscence of taste, my phone has been turned off.I had to go to a food bank and my electric and water will be off soon because I have no money this has made me so depressed and my anxiety is relentless I barly leave my house and I am experiencing ptsd over this I cant get intouch with anyone who can help me with anything. That's my experience with ups.
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    what is tldr
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    Too long, didn't read.
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    First: Paragraphs.

    Second: if that's your real name, change it.

    Third: if you were a union member while working at UPS, get in touch with the union hall, tell them what's happened, and they should be able to tell you what your options are.
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    My boner is around 2-3 inches longer than my iPhone XR. Your post is like 3 screens on that iPhone.

    I don’t read posts longer than my cock is the moral of this story.
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  15. miss understood

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    Thank you. union hall .I apreciate the info. I dont know how to change it or I would.
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    -Hover the cursor (pointy thing) over your name in the upper right tool bar;

    -a drop down menu appears;

    -"user name change" is third from the bottom on right side;

    -click on it.
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    For mobile platforms if you click on your user name at the top of the page, you should get a drop down menu, one option on the menu is "change user name".
  18. miss understood

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    Thank you so much.
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    I'm just here to help.

    I'm surprised Inde wasn't all over this 37 posts ago...
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    Let us know what you find out.