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As the title says,

I've been having an ongoing problem of the UPS HR department not responding back to my messages, or outright ghosting me. I applied for a seasonal package delivery driver a month or so ago. When I went to the "interview", the HR rep told all of us Seasonal Package Delivery Drivers to get our DOT testing done, which I did. I told the HR reps that I passed my DOT test and I was ready for my driver's test before they sent me out to Intergrad.

Fast forward a week, I told the HR rep through email that the HR person from the interview wasn't responding to my messages and I passed my DOT test, the HR rep through the email said the HR person from the interview would contact me the following week about scheduling a road test. Following this current mid-week, with nothing but absolute silence, I finally got a text message from the main HR person who conducted the interview, they told me they needed to take a road test at the hub I applied at; I did that and passed with no problems whatsoever. The supervisor and I both messaged the HR person from the interview that I was ready for the next step.

For the next two days, I heard nothing from anyone, which is interesting, considering they want me to go to Intergrad this following weekend. So, I took the initiative and told the HR person from the interview that I need to know what the next step is within my application process; just so I can give a formal notice to my current employer and not burn a bridge with them.

Finally, the HR person from the interview called me and asked if I'm free to go to Intergrad this upcoming week, I told him "yes". After that, he asked if I got my uniform, I told him, "no". At the end of the phone call, they told me that my background process wasn't completed and he'd call me back in a "few minutes" and get it all sorted out. Well, it's been almost three hours since the HR person said they'd call me back ,and I haven't gotten a phone call or text message from anyone whatsoever.

Should I just go on with life and ignore this mishap and stop trying to fight the constant agony and frustration of what is going on with my application? I know that I'm just chasing a dragon, but I had somewhat of a optimistic hope of becoming permanent after peak season was done, I'd even be content with being a package handler or 22.3(4), until it's my time to shine and become a full-time driver in whatever amount of years it takes in this hub, especially since I worked for USPS for a few years as a mail carrier.

Thanks for listening to my rumbling and incoherent rant.
Call several times a day and be aggressive.
They like that.