whats the future like for p/t sups

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    Topic.. self explanatory.. I mean its true that they cut back on some bonus they use to give to part time sups. Is there any hope of getting anything back? I hope so..
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    No, the 1/2 month bonus is now part of your base salary/wage.
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    Perhaps the bonus being mentioned is gainsharing? Does that still occur?

    And I was always under the impression that half-month checks were due to some obscure accounting and calendar overlap where we were being paid for two weeks which we were not being paid for because the pay calendar did not synchronize, or something like that... but I guess rolling the half-month into practically everyone's paycheck proves that theory wrong.
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    I was a part timer supervisor over 30 years ago. In my opinion, tt has always been the least appreciated job at UPS. You are in between. Stuck in limbo between management and hourly....

    That being said, things are no different today than then. I was told to NOT count on UPS as a career. I was told that there were really no opportunity. Given advice to get a degree and look elsewhere.

    30 years later, that was great advice. Being a part time supervisor is a great job while going to school. I knew so much more than others because of the "management" work I did at UPS. I was able to bridge the academic teachings of the professors to real world business issues I saw every day.

    When I graduated, UPS became an option for full time management. I chose that path and am glad I did. It has been a great 35 year career.

    So, I'm not sure what "bonus" you lost? If it was your 1/2 month, that was added to your check as Hoax said.

    As far as future for p/t sups, the advice and future is the same as it was for me. Prepare yourself for a career outside of UPS, and then see what happens inside. If you take the job seriosly. Learn all you can. Work hard and honestly. You will be head ans shoulders above others.

    Best of luck.
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    The 1/2 month check was meant to be compensation for the extra hours worked during peak season. Not a Christmas bonus or other incentive.

    I think the meaning got diluted over the years as the business changed. Peak has become much less of an event as compared to many years ago. It used to mean nearly round the clock work and attention, and it started before Thanksgiving.....

    Don't get me wrong. I know that peak is still a tremendous amount of work, but it is not the same......

    Anyway, that 1/2 month was compensation for the extra effort put in.

    I liked the 1/2 month check. I liked being able to go up to those that reported to me, shake their hand and say thank you and hand the check over.

    This year, we have appreciation cards and a sheet explaining the MIP change. It doesn't feel the same, but one has to be able to accept change.

    I still do hand written notes to my people. I have never missed a year, and never will.
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    As do I.

    I just adapt to the change ... "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" comes to mind.
    I'm sure you saw the ERI results where the questions about "your immediate manager" received 30-40 percent higher than the questions about the company ... at least in our dept.
    I think this is related to total compensation but it may be other things as well.
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    P Man,
    I know part time supervisors no longer get a 1/2 month check, because they are compensated for hours over 27.5 in a week. Therefore, extra hours during peak, equals extra pay. What about the full time management? I am recently retired, so can you explain the changes to the full time management pay (for 1/2 month) and the changes to M.I.P.? Thanks in advance.
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    F/T Management got a 4.2% increase in their monthly salary which is a little better than 1/2 month bonus plus you are getting it each month rather than at the end of the year.

    Of course, newly promoted or hired F/T management people will not see that.

    MIP is essentially unchanged - just moved later three months.
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