What's the point of having a good job , if you have no time for your family ?


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Like I said, lost a lot of brain cells switching Conrail loads at the Bayway refinery...

But I do recall one summer night, around 6:00, requesting help from my OR. Heavy commercial route with endless resis going to illegible building numbers in Chinatown. His response:

"You could literally die right now I don't care if you're thirsty, shot, wounded, you need to get those 75 stops OFF. I don't care if you summon Christ to help you. Just hurry up and stop wasting time breathing and all that. DELIVER."
Yeah that's nice. You're a good storyteller. If any of that is true you're worthless to talk to anyways because you're a pusillanimous and just takes it up the A*.

Nice try though.