What's ups goal by keeping drivers stressed out.

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    My bone is ups turns a blind eye to not think that stress is the number one reason why so many accident happen in a work place . It seems there just gonna continue this method untill something extronairy happens that get worldwide attention.This of course will get the media or a indepentent team to begin investigating the stress levels there employees are under while in a facility or in a cmmercial vehicle which makes it two hundred times worst. I mean it's one thing to get wrote up for something serious,but the list of things goes on,on and on all tit for tat infractions. They preach safety for about a three minutes in meetings everyday.Once that's over a driver is ordered to talk about something in the office then hit the streets. Go figure that. We voeted in change for the country now its been a long time coming to vote change in the union. ENOUGH WITH THE OLD SAYIN THAT'S JUST HOW THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If you can't take the heat get the hell out of my kitchen.

    Chef Gordon Ramsey
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    I do't know about the point from corp's side. But you know some people strive on stress while others crash and burn. I just sit back and work. I don't think about the day till it's done. The only gurauntee at UPS is that the day is going to end. Maybe at 6, maybe at 10. But it WILL end. So why stress about it? It only causes mistakes. And after 6pm you make almost 45 dollars an hour! What me worry?

    I just had this conversation with an air driver who is covering ground routes for us. He's a good kid but he is under trained and over stressed right now. He had 52 stops at 6pm. I went to the meet point and told him the first thing to do was to calm down. I know he relaxed a little because he ripped one in his truck while I was standing next to him. Little bastard. :-)
  4. I didn't vote for change
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    "You can keep the change. I'll keep my money and guns."
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    Were you waiting for a "best and final" offer?
  7. Actually living in dream land, hoping for better choices than we had.
    I'm not certain we got the "best of the worst"
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    This is actually a good post. God forbid a stressed out driver who has worked several weeks at 55 to 60 hours makes a mistake on the road and kills enough people for the media to notice. I am truly amazed that 60 minutes or other news show have not done a story on what it takes to be a UPS driver and profile the amount of time and physical wear and tear the job requires. There really is nothing to compare the job too. FedEx ground drivers talk all day and wait around to make a few pickups so they dont count. UPS spends millions on Ads so its possible the networks dont want to bite the hand that feeds them. Most UPSERS handle the stress and pace and except the challenge but in the usual UPS fashion the SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE GOES ON. This by the way is not a union issue ITS A UPS CULTURE DRIVEN BY STOCK BONUSES ISSUE.:wink2:
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe! Perhaps UPS isn't the place for you if the stress level is too high. It is a fast pace and physical job that puts many demands on you. Good luck!:peaceful:
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    Probably because they think their job is more stressful.
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    There actually was a study done on stress levels of UPS package delivery drivers. If I recall correctly in was studied in 1992 by the Univ. of Chicago. The results were that only 8% of the US population was more stressed than a UPS driver. I'll have to see if I can find that paper. :peaceful:
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    I must agree. I am tired of receiving almost daily pcm tongue lashings about safety followed by nit picking disciplinary actions. UPS is blaming the drivers for last year's increase in injuries and accidents; an increase caused by the increased number of work hours. They are looking for a scapegoat and they've chosen to target the employees who are the public face of UPS. It is unfortunate but typical for a company that is now more concerned about the stock price than customer or employee satisfaction.
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    I don't doubt that but my point is that everyone thnks their job is the very stressful one.
    I've done the driver job with my job on the line. It is very stressful.