Whats wrong with President Obama?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MechanicForBrown, May 14, 2009.

  1. MechanicForBrown

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    Why does it seam so many people have it out for President Obama? I don't understand peoples feelings.

    Just want to get some insite as to what everyones honest opinion is on our Current President.

    What do you think he can bring to the table for our country and people? And what is it that you resent about Barack Obama and his administration? ...............

    ............................. And GO!:peaceful:

    UPSERNOJ New Member

    Still trying to figure out his entire campaign on CHANGE...What CHANGE??? chump change?
  3. over9five

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    Yes, where are the "new people with new ideas"? All I see are Clinton retreads.
  4. scratch

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    Signing bills with 9000 earmarks after saying he wouldn't, not pulling troops out of Iraq when he campaigned on that, cabinet full of lobbyists and tax cheats after saying he wouldn't use them, adding trillions of dollars of extra debt, destroying the intelligence community, etc. etc.

    Its amateur time in DC right now. I'm not happy with either party, I think we need bigtime change in our government.
  5. toonertoo

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    I liked him when he first came on scene, I quickly changed my mind. I said to myself, cool someone young fresh, articulate, intelligent, then it all fell apart.
    His vision for the country isnt the same as mine.
    The abortion thing, I could not stand hearing about the born alive infant act, that he voted against.
    When he said he didnt want his daughter to be punished with a baby.
    When he called some reporter lady sweetie.
    When he told Joe from Ohio, that he didnt want to hurt his success, but he wanted everyone to share in his wealth
    When he want to tell companies to park their jets, but use his and our money for a photo op, not to mention terrorize thousands of people who didnt need to relive 9/11.
    When he promised to get a pound dog, and got a pedigreed dog from a Kennedy instead.
    Theres more let me refresh my memory. Ill be back
  6. ditto44

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    All the afore mentioned, he's driving us into bankrupcy, taking the same path Argentina took, he hasn't a clue what America is all about, our way of life is disappearing.
    Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres, are close personal friends, one preaches hate from the pulpit and the other is a terrorist, bombed the Pentagon and Capitol.

    We are headed straight for Marxism, so much for individual freedom and free enterprise.
    That should be enough reasons for today.
  7. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    How can someone with no business experience declare that he can fix this economy, rebuild the car industry, rebuild the housing and banking systems while his own chief of the Treasury can not find others to fill open assistant jobs,and bring a new world order ?
  8. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    How he "thinks" he can fix everything, yet the guy now in charge of the IRS can not even do Turbo Tax, LOL. And he was one great pick.
  9. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    Partisan politics aside, from my POV President Obama is not that much different than what would have happened had McCain won the day. Overall, central federal policy would have been about the same thing. Not only does this suppport the notion that Obama's claim of "change" was bogus, it also does the same of republicans who claim the gov't "is now" socialist. I just read this morning where former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough was taken to task on the very idea that somehow repubicans are different and not backers of socialist ideals themselves.

    What's sad about President Obama and to be fair he's following the lead of so-called "experts" who surround him, is the notion that we can borrow our way out of crisis. That in effect, we have to do exactly what we did that caused the bubble and then bust in the first place. But now it appears he's showing some kind of buyers remorse.


    President Obama is correct in his observation, I applaud him for stating this in public but I don't see a huge policy shift in Washington itself. And at the same time, where are the "fiscal conservatives" from the otherside who should be speaking out and supporting President Obama's public comments? Listen for it! Hear it? Yeah, me neither.

    In an odd way, President Obama is following a very similar plan to what Reagan did when he came into office. Bush like Carter handed over an economy in shambles but unlike Bush, Carter had not skyrocketed the US debt load so there are differences. Reagan once you cut through all the myth, exploded the national debt and ran huge deficits and now it seems our new "Great Communicator" is following that same general path.

    Life's funny, democrats could easily stick it in republicans face that Obama is doing exactly what Reagan did but in so doing it's a blanket admission that the ole' Gipper's approach from their POV was the right one. On the flipside, if President Obama is following a Reaganese plan and Obama is socialist, then what doesn that make Reagan.
    :happy-very: I love it!

    It also points out that Presidents, either democrat or republican are really socialist but in varying degrees. It's like prostitutes, some go all the way and some don't swallow but yet they both are still called prostitutes!
  10. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    I thought about a new thread but I'll just put this here.

    Mankind love their Man-Gods. Through out time we've made meer men into gods as some form of security blanket with the idea they possess some measure of infallibility. It's our nature to do this and neither sex, religion or even political affliation stops it. It's literally everywhere.

    It's one thing for adults to manipulate adults and use adults, we're big boys and girls and should know better but it really bothers me when adults take children and do things like this.

    You know I've seen this type of thing before but I can't remember where. I know it's there somewhere......I just feel it.........wait.....I think it's coming to me......yeah, now I remember!

    Just because you hide authoritarianism, absolutism and autocracy behind the face of a child doesn't mean it can't devolve into horrific consequences.
  11. ditto44

    ditto44 New Member

    I'm not real happy with either party , the democrats are just pointing us towards socialism faster,I've always considered the liberals naive, the republicans should know better.
  12. diesel96

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    Ditto's heads alert....Guess what....America has had socialists ramifications since the 30's and 40's and you are as much apart of it as anyone. Get over it....We are a mixed Capitalistic and socialistic society like it or not. It's not changing any time soon !
    It's such a joke listening to many here just repeating Reicht Wing Conservative handbook talking points...
    Conservatives, unless you move more to the center, and become open to inclusiveness, and not just the good ole' boy country club white guys, you don't stand a chance of winning another election. Keep hoping Obama falls on his face..Just because you hide authoritarianism, absolutism and autocracy behind the face of a child doesn't mean it can't devolve into horrific consequences. guys, you don't stand a chance.

    Wkmac....suffering from Michele Bachman syndrome.....lol

    Fearing Obama will create re-education camps, are you ?....

  13. ditto44

    ditto44 New Member

    Sad but true, it's a shame that millions of people had died in defense of liberty all the way from General Washington's troops marching half naked and barefoot through the snow in Jersey, to soldiers dying in Iraq, and we have come to this point in time when people welcome Socialism and Marxism. Twenty years ago Obama would have been gone after the Rev. Wright fiasco. Now values mean nothing. Bill Ayres, a confidant,bombed the Pentagon and Capitol, what in the hell are people like this doing having access to our president?
    American's have lost their individualism, everyone wants something for nothing. They think that government is the answer, government has always been the problem. That is what our founders tried to warn us against.

    People need to read the documents that our country is founded on. Our country was founded on good moral and financial principles, if some one today mentions those same principles, they are made out to be an idiot. No wonder so many people are in financial and moral decay.

    We are going the way of Europe and the rest of the world, America will no longer be special and a place where someone can come to to make his mark.

    That is what is so stupid, if conservatives move to the center, they are no longer conservative, it isn't a good old boy white club, you leftists always bring race into it.
    In reality conservatives are inclusive, we've had women run for Vice-President, blacks in high offices in several administrations,(Bush had more blacks than Clinton)and supported equal rights more than the liberals have.(The southern Democrats would have never allowed equal rights to become law.) The only reason people of certain races are attracted to democrats is because they are led to believe they will get something for nothing, after the elections they are always dissapointed, and then they turn around and vote for the same people that lied to them.
    Liberal values never last and they flat out don't work, no matter how many times they are tried , they are always a failure.

    Let's see, which government program really works and is cost efficient? Social Security, Medicare, Post Office(it only began to show a profit when it was privatized). Guess there is nothing in that list. When you send $1.00 to Washington, you're lucky to get $.25 in return.
    You can only blame the people for electing the jerks they do, once in office, it is pretty much a lifetime job.
    Very few have conservative values, in this country a person gets shouted down for being religious,paying his bills, trying to do the right thing or anything else that makes sense. Until that changes, our country will continue to go down the path it's headed.

    Republicans will win many elections, the question is will they be any different than the liberals?
    If this upsets you it should, sometimes the truth hurts.
  14. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Take this week's business news.............
    About 1800 privately owned business ( car dealerships ) are being told to close up their businesses , which they employ roughly 50 each along with associated businesses ( office supplies, canteen trucks, auto part suppliers, charities that depend upon them, local taxes ) so the rough math would come out to about 100,000 jobs....by the US Government.
    So do we subtract all these jobs from the millions O promised to help create with the stimulus funds ?
  15. Monkey Butt

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    That's consistent with Socialism ... not interested in competition between dealerships to help drive down prices. Socialists will do that through government price controls.
  16. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Yet how does that help "global warming" if in order to service your car at a dealership , one has to drive many extra miles because your local shop was forced to close?
  17. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I think not. We can argue that any do good program by government is socialism. I recognize there are forms of socialsim prevalent in todays government. All the more reason to sound the alarm to ensure we do not convert to complete socialism. With this administration we are closer then ever to making that conversion.
  18. wkmac

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    Re-Education camps! Funny how things go in circles and repeat themselves. 1960's and Operation Garden Plot and of course, claims of re-education camps. 1980's, Reagan Adminstration and good ole Ole North's Rex 84 (when FEMA became a conspiracy codeword). Again, re-education camps. I have to admit I was surprised to not hear Re-Education camps during the Bush years but appears now with Obama, it's being made up for lost time.

    Besides, since the federal gov't took over public education, I always felt the new and improved "Re-Education" process from the standpoint of cranking out Statist automatons who blindly follow while toiling the day away generating wealth in which the statist machine (empire) can create more automatons now via conquest. Indian wars and manifest destiny on global scale for the benefit of the railroad barons! Ain't it ironic speaking of railroads that the "Chicago" machine now runs the American Hegemonic Machine.

    Bachmann's claims of re-education camps are a well warn path previously traveled but one thing is different than say the 1980's when the fear of Ollie North's "FEMA camps" were all the rage. The difference is Rahm Emanuel.

    Even Ollie North and friends never got this bold! :happy-very:

    But then you can also reference Rahm in his 2006' book entitled, "The Plan." Catchy,creative title is it not. Sounds like a Big Brother euphemism from 1984'. On pages 60-65, Rahm describes his ideas on universal youth conscription based on his experiences serving in the Israeli model. He sez:

    Rahm's assertions in the above that "this is not a draft" etc. etc. IMO is over shadowed elsewhere in the pages but the most worrisome of his assurances is found on page 63 where after all the grand ideals of making our society better for home disasters, he then proves IMO this is just another plan to keep the American Hegemonic machine steam rolling through the so-called 3rd world.

    Rahm, at the end of page 61 you insist to us this is "not military either" and now you suggest this "not military either" program will in fact be military because in order to save the "volunteer army" it has to in some way be military? But Rahm, if it's not military, then why in March of 2006' did the US Army bring out this report on National Service which was preceeded a few weeks earlier by Charlie Rangel to introduce a National Service Act in Congress that died in committee. Most of us remember it as an attempt by Rangel to bring back the draft as he had threatened. All this military circling about and we're suppose to just accept your assurances "it's not military?" I thought your boss said that his adminstration would lead the way with change and one area would be "TRANSPARENCY!" You say you never got that memo! I've no doubt based on your actions.

    I can understand where people are concerned about the potential for forced servitude (let's call it what it is) and the historical comparison to the Hitler model of a nationalist youth movement. Obama paints a pretty picture of it with "give us your time and we'll pay for your education" but buried behind all these utopian ideals are a Statist purpose completely contary to the notion of American principles of liberty and freedom. As much as Dick Cheney can be made the villianous warlord, this type of thing might even make him blush. But then it wasn't that the Bush was devoid of Hitler type actions within gov't so maybe Obama is just following Bush like he is in so many other areas. I guess now I can expect the BC chicken littles to chime in defending the federal gov't efforts to cultivate a "federal snitch" class among us while screaming about the socialism of Obama! I guess if your into sick humor, it's good for the laughs. :wink2:

    Funny how Gore disappeared with his infamous line of "He was playing on our fears" now that his side is doing it!

    Rahm also served in the Israeli model for youth which is also mandatory and to be bluntly honest, if I were of any kind of non-jewish Middle Eastern descent, I'd keep a watchful eye for a 21st century version of the Holocaust with themselves being on the menu. The scary part is so many European descent non-jews who are mentally conditioned for it already and only thing left is for a match to be struck to justify a new Krystallnacht with muslims this time being the target. I'm no fan of Allah the Moon God myself, not much for Sol Invictus/Mithra either :wink2: but I'm not into persecution of folks because they pray to something I don't!

    Bachmann IMO is allowing herself to be a tool/pawn of the republican heirarchy in the hopes of moving up the ranks herself but in the course of playing political games, it just might be enough heat is on the whole issue that Rahm can't push the President to drop that other shoe. If that proves the case, Bachmann still serves a purpose of preserving what little freedom we do have left these days!

    Hey Tie,

    Funny you should say that because I'm sure there are times (like maybe right now) when D could just as easily and has to some degree said exactly what you said except for one word change.

    Funny how that is!
  19. Monkey Butt

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    You got something against Socialists?
  20. Baba gounj

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    Hey, Hoaxster
    Time for a whack to the side of your head ( like trying to fix a wavey tv ).
    Your mind & keyboard seem to be stuck on repeating the same line on every thread.

    And yes I most certainly do.
    I worked long & hard for what I earned, I'll be damned if you think that I'll just share it all with someone who has been lazy all their life, just because O says so.