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  1. haTTrick

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    Hello, so I start about almost a month ago at UPS and the word around town after your 30 (probo) days are up you get bumped to $10.00 an hr. Also heard its after 90 days. One more thing, I have the right after 30 days to apply for part time sup? Please let me know, I hate liars! :peaceful:

    - Thank you.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The probation period is 30 days. I am not familiar with the pay scale or raise schedule for PTers so I can't help with that part. You can apply for PT sup after your 30 days.
  3. splozi

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    You get a $1 raise after 90 days, and another $1 every year after that.

    We've had people become pt time sups very quickly after being hired... literally weeks. I'm not sure about the 30-day thing, but I imagine it's possible.
  4. PiedmontSteward

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    $1.00/hr raise after 90 days. You gain your seniority after 30 days. You can get another $1.00/hr raise by passing your sort/pickoff test and becoming a skilled worker. As far as becoming a supervisor - don't do it!
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    Possible but rarely really successful. How about bucking the trend and spend enough time learning how to do the job before you go around telling others how to do theirs? A part time supervisors title is given. His respect must be earned.
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    dont belive everything you here why dont you just do your job get your 30 join union and hold on and shut up your lucky your working
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    You are on the wrong site then my friend.

    PS - We're not really friends.
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    Before you become a PT supe you might ask yourself, "....what happened to the guy I'm replacing?".
  9. Monkey Butt

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    That's what I tell people who want to go driving too!
    And for that matter, people who want to get hired.

    I even tell that to fetuses before they are born but they never listen.
    Of course, that's understandable when I say, "The person you replaced died ... how does that make you feel?"
    Moms really don't like it.
  10. trickpony1

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    In a particularly good mood today?
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    First off, what does any of my questions have to do w/ not doing my job? Lucky I'm working? I own half of a landscaping business, do web design, so before you go around and opening your big mouth you should learn to "shut up." Have some respect you je*koff. If you don't like your job, quit. Also if you can't reply w/o being helpful or an ignorant prick, don't put your 2 sense in. You seem a little uptight Mr. Know it all.
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    I'm not saying it's a good thing. I'm just stating how it is. Yesterday I was moved to another belt, permanently. Apparently there was a fight there and one guy had to be moved. Anyway, the two guys running that belt both became sups within a month or two of being hired. The supervisor on my previous belt is the one who trained them (to be sups). They totally suck as loaders. I even have to fix their mess every time they come in and audit my trucks.

    I was offered a pt time sup position maybe 2-3 months after my hire date. I declined.

    This year, they began hiring supervisors off the street.
  13. Jackburton

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    Maybe you can give your boss his resume when your spot opens, someone's gotta drive that desk.