When Are Seasonal Times?


New Opening In My Area For Feeder Drivers And I Am Trying To Get On, However, I Was Told That They Wouldn't Be Hiring Until October For Peak Season! I Use To Work As A Package Handler And Am Trying To Get Back As A Driver Instead Of Waiting For Seniority. What Are The Other Seasonal Times Of The Year ( I Heard If They Hire You Twice For Seasonal They Have To Keep You On For Full Time?) Any Clues?

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The free periods are May 1 - Labor Day and 29 work days before Nov 1 - Christmas week.

You can work two free periods back to back now without gaining seniority. If you work in a third consecutive free period then you gain seniority. It should be impossible to do this. Plus any PT person could file a grievance if they are out of the 6 for 1 rotation causing them to backdate their FT seniority date to your when they make FT. The company would not like this because they would lose saving with progression pay saving with those individuals.