When CAn I Collect And How Much Are My Benefits?

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    Hello, I started at UPS in Chicago in 1985. I left in 2003 and have moved several times since. How would I start the ball rolling on collecting my benefits? I left wit just over 20yrs of service and was told that I would not qualify for the entire amount say at 25 or 30 and out. Do I contact UPS or the Local 705 hall? Then who do I contact at these places? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Union hall.
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    Yes, you'll have to contact your union hall. If you leave before you qualify, all the 25 and out, 30 years, PEER, etc. goes out the window. Those are all early retirement options. Being that you left before qualifying for retirement, you will have to get to actual retirement age before you can collect, which I believe is 65. Not 100% sure about that number, but the union hall will fill you in on those details.
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    Unless my math is incorrect, 1985 to 2003 is 18 years of service?
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    Yeah I am getting less than 20 years with that story.

    Enjoy your $175/month. Hell it was probably less with the contract back then.

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    18 years..part time or full time?

    18 X 100 = 1,800..if all full time..if you wait till age 65, if not it will be reduced by 6 percent for every year prior to age 65. Not sure how local 705 pays it's part time years.

    No medical coverage till medicare kicks in at 65.

    Important to keep all your records relating to your vested years from your old local.

    Old Man is correct strictly go through your union, they are the ones who have to provide any info on your eligibility and monetary benefits