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I was hired back in August to be a casual driver. During the last two weeks of peak I was told by supervisors and management I was doing an excellent job and was being concidered for a full-time driving position after pear along with two other casual drivers. On the 23rd on December I was called into my managers office and was told I would be the first casual brought back after the holidays. He told me he wasn't exactly sure when, it could either be January 3rd or February 3rd but I would be the first one hired back. I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone has been in this situation and how long it would take to get called back? Thanks


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Depends on the volume. I'd call the manager in the morning (after 10:00) and ask him/her.

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This will depend entirely on the area you are in and how much volume is there. It stinks that no one can give you a definite answer, but that is just the way it is. I had a great Helper for nine weeks, and he is in the same boat as you. Its hard to make plans and pay bills when there are no paychecks coming in. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everyone on HR's "Rehire List" is called back as soon as possible. Where I am at, Routes are being cut and most drivers are being sent out with over 9.5 hour days. I worked three days last week from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.:helpsmili


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On the flip side, we have a bid list up for 3 FT drivers. After the November time studies, time allowances have grown for every route in the center. I gained about 55 minutes, another route gained an hour and a half. The average gain was 35 minutes. An early Christmas gift to say the least.