Where Are The BC Folks Who've Cried For More Gov't Regulatory Oversight?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Over the last couple of years, it's come to light of how much in shambles our economy really is. Getting to the root of cause and blame is like trying to play musical chairs in a very crowded room, never taking away a chair when the music stops but instead adding more. In the end, the confusion to determine a winner becomes so frustrating, people give up and the culprits slither away amongst the crowd.

    The Federal Reserve Bank was created as the central bank in 1913' and has control of the money supply and the means of credit in the United States. Much is unknown about the Fed because there is no mechanism for Congress to audit it's activities. For example, the TARP money was doled out to member banks of the Federal Reserve but when asked for an accounting of where that money went, the people get the strugged "I Don't Know!" look from the banksters (not a typo folks).

    President Obama and the democrat party ran on the idea that Washington had no regulatory oversight and there lacked transparency and this in itself created this whole mess. If this be true, then it's time for them and all who feel this way to get out and support HR 1207 which would finally allow Congress the oversight to demand upon the Federal Reserve Bank a full accounting and audit.

    It's past time the American public had a transparent look at the Central Bank and it's economic activities to make sure that an honest accounting is given to all and at the same time, if certain parties are at blame, to be held accountable if no place else but in the public space. Considering where we are at this time economically speaking and what we face going forward, is this accounting and audit power to Congress to much to ask?

    Learn more and call you representative today!
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    FDIC is on the job now. I'm glad to see gov't making sure that all banking remains "equal!"

    From the article

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    And the credit of the American taxpayer and the children of the American taxpayer are on the hook while the Federal Reserve pumps billions into foreign banks to keep them afloat!

    And now the IMF is joining the fray!

    Wonder if anyone will accuse them of being kooky Austrians?
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    do you have a representative if you never voted for one?
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    Hmmm, let me see........self governance work for ya?

    "The man capable of governing himself in such manner that the liberty of all other men is paramount, such man needs no governance."
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    I will not say you are not such a man but I will say such men are few and far between.
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    There is truth in that but I'm meeting more and more which give me hope.
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    so you'll be calling yourself to support HR1207?