wheres is the heat?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by snookbunny420, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. snookbunny420

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    supervisors won't turn on the heat unless pipes freeze. they don't care if we get frostbite
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Run water on the floor.
  3. snookbunny420

    snookbunny420 Member

    then it freezes and becomes dangerous and no one cleans it up
  4. Monkey Butt

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    But then you point that out to management and they turn on the heat.
  5. snookbunny420

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    i load panel vans with lift-gates, they do not line up to docks, at least a 4 foot gap, and got 40mph winds last night with a wind chill of less than zero
  6. Monkey Butt

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    That truly sucks!
  7. RealPerson

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    What does your Local BA say?
  8. Nimnim

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    If pipes aren't freezing you're not likely to get frostbite unless you don't dress right.

    The contract does have provisions for heat, but it's not defined at what level so that doesn't really help.

    Also you mention you're loading in a semi outdoor area, turning on the heat is almost useless there, you're better off asking for some sort of windscreen. It's kinda like driving with the windows down with the heater on, sure some heat is there, but the exposure to the outside and the wind blowing in negates it. You'll freeze, just slower.
  9. That's what it basically took a few weeks ago when the windchill was -33. Walked in and there was a busted pipe shooting water about 20 feet. Then about 8:00am another pipe broke shooting water at the unload belt, drenching packages. You could see your breath inside the building and my drinking water had ice collecting on top.

    It took that to happen before they decided to pay to get one of the heaters fixed.
  10. Wally

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    Get up on the HVD. Always toasty up there!

    The hub is always cold in the winter, air coming in everywhere.
  11. RonBurgandy??????????

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    Sounds like a call to OSHA is in order