White House Attack On Fox News

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Oct 23, 2009.

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    What the heck is this all about? Is this the most petty squabble you've ever heard of? Shouldn't this be below the White House?

    And most importantly, Isn't this an attack on "Freedom Of The Press"? Thank God the rest of the White House Press Corp backed Fox News by refusing to interview Feinberg if Fox News was excluded. Obama got a bloody nose on that one!

    Of course, the petty Obama Administration retaliated by limiting Feinbergs interviews to 2 minutes instead of the promised 5.

    I think I heard Leno even say, "The President has decided to send 40,000 new troops to fight the war on.......Fox news!"

    So I have to ask, Is the Administration crumbling? He can't make a decision about sending more troops to Afghanistan, but he wants to fight a war with a news station. He can't even decide when he's going to decide. Someone said he's indecisive in his indecisiveness!
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    The Obama admin is so thin skinned. If you dont agree with them, ask easy questions or the questions that they want you to ask them, then they will not talk with you. It is backfiring as more and more Americans are watching Fox to get the real news. I hope Obama keeps it up as it will only get better for Fox and worse for him and his corrupt admin.

    Its sad that our tax dollars go to idiots more concerned with what someone says about them then to help our troops in the middle of a war.
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    typical narcissistic reaction.....attack those that don't fall for you bull :censored2:.:dissapointed:
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    :anxious:Watch out --the liberal "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" is just around the corner. Follow the lead of other dictators and eliminate the free press --can anyone say Chavez ?
    I am glad that the rest of the press --as liberal leaning as they are --would not accept Fox being excluded from the interview. They also realize that if they report the "wrong" news they could be next on the hit list.
    This will backfire on Obama ------even many liberals do not like the dirty Chicago style.
  5. moreluck

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    The only thing acceptable as 'Chicago-style' is pizza !!
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    I wonder how many people are upset that the Bureau Chiefs for the other four networks stuck to their pact after Fox was left of the list for interviews with the Pay Czar.

    How do you like your Obama lovefest networks now? The whole thing was just a missunderstanding you say? If you say so:wink2:
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    In his quest to end freedom of the Press our President is only hurting himself. The more fox gets brought up the more people watch it. Fox's ratings were already booming, and this will only make them better. Obama's ego is very sensitive to criticisms of his policies, administration, and appointments. So sensitive in fact that he is unable to discern between the opinion shows on fox like Hannity, Beck, and O'Rielly and the news portions like Studio B.

    Unfortunately what do you expect from a man who appoints someone like Mark Lloyd as the diversity czar of the FCC who admires Hugo Chavez and his war against news outlets in Venezuela which criticize him(Chavez)?
  8. The Other Side

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    Ahhh...and the robots come a' runnin....!

    Almost all the right wing nuts spoke out on this thread so far, minus Tie, AV8 and a few moderators...

    I have been saying the same thing about Fox news for years.

    They are NOT a news channel. They are a propaganda channel with right wing extremist filing the airwaves with dis-information and political rhetoric chockful of right wing blowhards for the robots to listen to.

    Since BUSH took office, FOX has been providing more and more right wing political agenda than all the other media outlets combined.

    The fact that Rupert Murdoch, the equilivent to George Soros, hired Roger Ailes to run fox news demonstrates what they are all about.

    This about Ailes:
    "Friends and associates are encouraging Roger Ailes — Fox News founder, chairman and CEO — to jump into the political arena for real by running for President in 2012. "Ailes knows how to frame an issue better anybody and that's what we need now," says one Ailes friend who is encouraging him to run. Frank Luntz, for one, tells Playbook that Ailes could be a force if does it. "I have known Roger Ailes for 29 years," says Luntz. "No one knows how to win better than Roger."

    Wow, this is fair and balanced? Roger knows how to frame an issue? Exactly my point. Everyday on FOX, they craft the explanations they give on everything from Obama, to health care to Afganistan.

    Unfortunately, it leans towards right wing thinking.

    We tried it your way for 8 years, the country was left in a mess.

    FAUX uses it catch slogans, "FAIR and BALANCE" like it was gospel, yet, there is nothing fair about it.

    Solid programming of right wing extremist catering to the dumbest of listeners.

    FAUX and its partners on right wing am radio have launched an attack on all other forms of media outlets, calling them terrible names in order to draw attention away from them and bringing them to FAUX.

    It was FAUX that started this media war, not the WH.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. FAUX news is being scrutinized for its biased programming and its complete dis-information campaign.

    Everyone is entitled to watch what they want, and if the right wing supporters want to watch buffoons with props and wild facial expressions, then watch Glen Beck.

    As long as FAUX does its best to highlight, Rove, Huckabee, Palin, Hannity, Orielly,Beck, Sustreren and that super genious Dennis Miller, then it can hardly call itself FAIR and BALANCED.

    FAUX is getting what is deserved.

    Just watch any morning slot, everything is worded "carefully" full of mis quotes and exagerations. Everyone on FAUX gives his or her opinion on every issue.

    Where do they report any news?

    All day they attack nothing but political issues and bring on every republican sen or congressman they can book. Where is the news?

    There was a giant earthquake recently in the idian ocean, thousands were killed, where was the FAUX coverage?? Oh yeah, they spent 10 hours on health care. Never got to see any coverage on the tragedy.

    Afganistan and Health care, FAUX's two main issues to cover 10 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Think about it, why is a cable news channel spending so much time on political issues?

    Is there not any other news in the country?

    Fair and Balanced? Only if your a republican robot.

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    How can we break this to Fox worshippers.....Your network is simply an arm extension of the Republican Party....There's no denying that. When the Network sponsors/co-horts and in essence advertises an avenue for small masses to participate in Tea Party demonstrations supposedly in response to taxation which turns into an all out mis-informed circus full of ugly personal attacks, Nazi symbols, and ending with Fox News producers egging on the crowds to be boistress, I'd say Fox News deserves a TV time out....Go sit in the corner or here's a quarter and call somebody who cares....:smart:

    Fox was all over the story promoting Dick "Head" Cheney mumbling jibberish about sending troops and Obama's afraid, and your audience was just eating it up. Hate to tell you guys, Cheney is so insignificant I heard is comments and shrug my shoulders and said "So"...
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    The majority of voters in this country know what Fox News is about and are aware of their right wing agenda. Most people are applauding Obama for not taking any crap from Fox News. It makes him strong not weak. GET OVER IT ALREADY! You do realize Obama will WIN A SECOND TERM. :wink2:
  12. toonertoo

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    You lefties are so sick, and twisted..... I dont know what else to say, except I never thought in this country we would be fighting with each other for freedom.
    we have elected the enemy.
  13. bbsam

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    It seems to me that the White House said that Fox News is fueled by a right wing agenda. All I could think was "duh". Why do people on the right take this is an insult? Are they secretly embarrassed by the maniacal rantings of Hannity, Limbaugh, Palin, and O'Reilly? If you were to tell me that Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert seemed rather left, I'd say "yeah, but they are so damn funny!"
  14. The Other Side

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    Take a moment and watch this Glen beck clip. Is there anything more insincere than this guy?

    Will the buffoonery ever end on FAUX news?

    Are republican fans of FAUX news this gulible??

    Does this "playhouse 90" routine actually work on anybody on this board?

    Glen Beck "crying" on air?

    Seriously? News?

    This is fair and balanced?


    Give us a break Beck, your a snake oil salesman.

  15. over9five

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    I can't believe there are people so blind in their Obama love, that they can't see his foolish attempt to censor the free press.

    Thankfully the Press put him in his place. How's that black eye, Barry?
  16. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Fox news after all these years playing the victim? And I thought Jon Stewart was funny.
  17. brett636

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    Unfortunately you lefties are not capable of discerning the difference between an opinion show, or something akin to an editorial page in a newspaper, to the actual news shows. Try watching reporters like Shepard Smith, Greta Van Susteran, or Brett Bair. Extremely fair and balanced in their reporting, and still entertaining to watch.

    I guess most of you missed the stats where Fox has just as many liberals watching their programs as conservatives. Or how fox was the most balanced news organization during the election showing an equal number of positive and negative stories on both candidates. There is a reason why fox is the highest rated cable news channel around, and it goes well beyond their stars like Glenn Beck and O'Rielly.
  18. Jones

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    Who's "we", white man? :happy-very:
  19. wkmac

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    Tell em' Southern Avenger!

    SA @ Takimag - The Myth of Objective Journalism
  20. The Other Side

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    thats the point. FAUX news is merely a channel of OPINION, not news.

    The term "NEWS" Brett, is an acronym for NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH. There is no reporting of NEWS from the north, east, west and south on FAUX news.

    Collectively, there programming is purely political, and being political, they "frame" the arguement from the perspective of the right wing.

    Lets look at the days programming:

    6 to 8 am, Bill Hemmer and a Megyn Kelly, 2 hours of health care , afghanistan, Gitmo and Iran everyday, 5 days a week. They use 30 sec "fillers" to separate the issues, then repeat the same stories over and over. Use republican sen and congressmen to highlight each issue with "lead in" questions and allow them to ramble without a single challenge to their points.

    8 to 10 am, John Scott and Jane Skinner. 2 hours of health care, afghanistan, Gitmo and Iran 5 days a week. Again, 30 sec "fillers' to separate issues. Then Repeat same. Use republican sen and congressmen to highlight each issue with "lead in" questions and allow them to ramble without a single challenge to their points.

    10 to 12, Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallegher, 2 hours of health care, afghanistan, Gitmo and Iran 5 days a week. Again, 30 sec "fillers' to separate issues. Then Repeat same. Use republican sen and congressmen to highlight each issue with "lead in" questions and allow them to ramble without a single challenge to their points.

    12 to 1, Sheppard Smith, a lower keyed look at the days politics, again republican guests come on and speak to softball questions and ramble endlessly on how bad Obama is as a president 5 days a week.

    1 to 2, Neil Cavuto, arguably the worst of the days lineup, he bashes OBAMA for a solid hour, suppose to be talking about business yet spends the hour on health care, afghanistan and nancy pelosi or Harry Reid.

    2 to 3, Glen Beck, a solid hour of Obama Bashing , name calling, exageration, hyperbole and rediculous dramatics.

    3 to 4 , Brett Baier. Actually the most calm of all the programming on Fox. He does a good job pf presenting his facts and refrains from looking like a clown even though he supports the right wing agenda. At least he can do it without completely sounding as if hes been brainwashed.

    4 to 5, Sheppard Smith again with the days recap on politics. He does the stories in a professional manner, refrains from hyperbole and antics. One of the better opinion shows on FOx.

    5 to 6, Bill Orielly, was the biggest coward on Fox until the arrival of Beck, he uses "guests" to slam Obama and the democrats while trying to straddle the fence so none of the slander sticks to him. His use of surrogates to bash Obama nightly demonstrates his lack of "sacK' when it comes to being tough. His bully style of telling people to "shut up" or never letting a guest complete a sentence as he is getting "owned" on a subject is laughable. He spends his hour trying to highlight prominent democrats in compromising situations. He was the biggest buffoon on Fox, but has been replaced by Beck.

    7 to 8, Sean Hannity, the extremist dream rests on Hannity, his drapping of himself in the flag, his pandering to those who are easily manipulated by patriotism and loyalty (as the nazis used) using the extreme neo conservatives as guests to push the right wing agenda. His routine is old, he has nothing on his own, and needs to bring in Coulter, Rove, Cheney,Moore and the other right wing extremist to say what he ISNT qualified to say.

    One on one, he would get his ASH handed to him in a political debate.

    9 to 10, Greta van Susteren, once a well recieved legal reporter now turned political activist for Fox. No longer using her time as a legal reporter, she spends most of her time bashing Obama and his policies.

    11 to midnight is an assorted crew of bashers who cover a wide range of topics and try to be funny.

    So my question is? WHERE IS THE NEWS??

    Brett you said "something akin to an editorial page in a newspaper"

    Well, your exactly right. Its an opinion channel and NOT a NEWS channel as proclaimed.

    For once, you have it correctly. I would like to know where the balance is?? Where is the Liberal representation show on FAUX? A complete day of RIGHT WING bashing and they call themselves Balanced?

    Better yet, those that follow FAUX call them balanced, but where exactly is the balance?

    FAUX has shown that it does not deserve to be considered reporting news channel and should be called out for it.

    If i want statistics and facts, ill watch CNN. No goofy shows, NO outlandish personalities, No props, NO surrogates. Just news. When they have a debate, they have all sides presented.

    FOX will bring on the "Weakest" liberal they can find, Like Alan Colmes who couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag to provide "balance".

    Get serious Brett, you cannot defend FOX NEWS.