Who is responsible for letting the employees know their start time?


Is UPS management responsible for letting the employees know their start time for the next day, or is it the employees responsibility to find out what their start time is?

The reason I ask is because in my hub sups will often leave the employees alone at the end of the day. Work will run out, and a lot of us leave with no idea what the next day's start time will be. We usually show up at the same time we showed up that day of last week.

If the employee shows up late because management failed to inform him/her of their start time, can UPS hold him/her responsible? What if the employee shows up early, does UPS have to pay him/her because the sups failed to notify the employees of their start time?



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I think it would be reasonable for you to assume you have the same start time until management tells you it's changed.


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It is managements burden to alert you of any start time changes. Either by word of mouth, or by posting it etc... Also remember if it's less that 50% of the shift 48hrs. is required, more one week is required. Otherwise they have to pay you OT for all unscheduled hrs, if you force the issue.


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Out here the start time must be posted by the end of your shift on the last work day of the week, for the following week.