Who was peak for you?

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    Man-o-man! My feet are sore!

    How did your center fair during peak? We rocked the house. Over 1.1 million every night this week. Ahhh..come on weekend! TGIF

    BTW. To my crew, if anyone is on the board, you guys did one hell of a job tonight! Absolutely fantastic!

  2. upsermom

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    my son says their volume this week is 2 1/2 times off season. Our population just about doubles here in the winter. Their stop count is the 3rd highest in the southeast region. Yesterday they had like 138 routes but only 110 drivers. The route he is doing this week is about 1/4 of a route in the summer, which becomes 2 routes during the winter. Yesterday he had 34 airs. They are jammin' and he is pooped. 60 hours a week for the last 6 weeks. he has 2 1/2 hours and what ever under 12 today to work tommarrow, he can't wait.
  3. beatupbrown

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    Sounds like routes were maxed out before xmas .Suprise suprise.
  4. scratch

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    I thought my center and hub did quite well this peak. We had some guys get close to sixty hours, but most of them like the overtime. I actually had only forty-four hours last week, I almost always got finished in daylight using a helper with about two hundred stops on a tight area. My busiest day was Tuesday with two hundred fifty-nine stops, got last one off at six-thirty. My hub handeled peak well, the air was got off on time, (Thank you, UPS Pilots and Air Hub Folks!) and we had no large number of service failures like I hear from some of you on this board. This was my thirty-first peak season, just another one under my belt.
  5. DS

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    good goin` it was certainly a challenge,and from now on you will be doing 240 stops a day instead of 200 because we know you can do it.
  6. scratch

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    Double-Standard, I don't know if I'm that good, I wore out four helpers to do it. Normally its 130 to 150, without two split drivers taking half my route. If I attempted my whole area during peak, it hits about four hundred stops. Impossible.
  7. Our whole center was horrible. Not enough people, not enough pkg cars. Out of 95 drivers, only about 25 have the hours necessary to work tomorrow, and we had 2000 missed nda today, to add to the Saturday volume, not to mention all the missed we had every day for the last 2 weeks which kept rolling. I am 5 minutes shy of 60 hours this week. We had a guy in a rental who was sent out with 250 resi stops. They dont expect to be able to get clean tomorrow, and I have heard talk about mgr being forced to work Sunday.
  8. speeddemon

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    not enough trucks or people. I was working out of a Enterprise rent a van. I have had a pinched nerve in my neck and back for 3 weeks now. Im thinking about calling it in. Its very painful and wont go away.
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    Re: How was peak for you?

    The best part was the preload. They had the cars loaded every day. I have never before seen a Peak where the drivers didn't end up finishing the loading.

    Preloaders, you did a great job!
  10. rushfan

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    Good, lousy planning in the Air Department though. Air volume was rolled over 3 consecutive days.
  11. speeddemon

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    Everyone was close to running out of hours. We had one preloader/cover driver that worked 72 hours in one week. Wish I was on that conference call.
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