Whose driving this ship?

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    Does anyone know anything about our new CEO? I know nothing about this individual and haven't heard anything since Mr. Eskew retired. Have we been on auto pilot since Eskew left or is there really someone in charge of the business?
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    Good question.
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    Yes there is someone running the ship.His name is Scott Davis.I met him last week.We chatted a bit about the DHL situation.
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    OMG...could it be???


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    Let's play nice.
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    Sorry!!! I couldn't help myself!!! It was just so easy..and my fingers just started..and it just happened..

    Sorry Benefits..forgive me? Plllllzzzzz???:please:
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    He will have to get back to you--he is on a conference call with the other DMs.
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  9. But Benefits Are Great!

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    I will need to speak with you in my office Monday morning, please....
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    uh oh.....
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    make sure you have a union rep present
  12. We are kind of like Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez. We let the Third Mate drive. Its Kenmei.
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    Careful, soberups....they'll make you squeal like a pig!!
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  16. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I really like that!
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    Is that an iceberg ahead?
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    Don't worry I heard this ship is unsinkable.
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    Well to answer the threads actual question..... Scott Davis joined UPS when his company IImorrow (the people that thought up the diad) was bought out in 1988. In the last 20 yrs he has held a wide range of executive titles most recently CFO before taking over for the retiring Eskew... Notably Davis is the first UPS CEO not to start in the trenches of the package handling world.
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    It couldn be good that he does not know the system and will see issues or it is bad if he just listens to the rest and ....work as usual