Why Do Auditors Announce Their Schedule?

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  1. anonymous6

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    we have an audit coming up and have known about it for weeks. so of course, bosses have been super nice with plenty of reminders.

    i'm gonna ask one of the auditors: why are we given advance notice? wouldn't it be more productive if their visit was a surprise? their assessment would be more fair.

    this just proves in another instance that their "numbers" are just a sham.

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  2. Anonymous 10

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    Because everything is a scam and a number fudge.
  3. Operational needs

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    It's the same at FedEx Express. It's comical to watch the managers scramble to clean everything, put up signs, and other things, everything they haven't done since the last audit.
  4. 104Feeder

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    Even worse is when they have a Board of Directors meeting at your hub. They came into all the bathooms and painted the counters with a brush, so it looked like absolute crap (and continues to this day as it's flaking off). As if one of those poohbahs was going to wander into the building and climb the stairs to take a leak.
  5. Integrity

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    It is more than just a sham.

    Large corporations see that advance notice is given so that it can insulate the Corporate Officers from official knowledge of what actually goes on in the corporation.

    When advance notice is given or leaked then the local management can cover up what actually goes on by preparing for the audit that gets reported back to higher levels of management.

    The facts reported on the audit results usually won't even closely resemble business as usual. What they represent is a cover up.

    You know it, they know , the Corporate Officers know it, everyone knows it. There is a cover up culture in large corporations in the US.

  6. cynic

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    An auditor asked me a safety question during an audit. I stopped the belt, looked the auditor in the eye, and asked them for the answer sheet. The auditor said they didn't know what I meant. I told them, don't lie and and suggested they get the answer sheet from my FT supervisor since we never actually took any of the training classes and were always given the answer keys to reduce our time on the clock. I requested the auditor's name and contact information - they walked away. I haven't had an auditor come my way in years.
  7. cachsux

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    When we have the big audits I just go to my mgrs office and ask if he'd like me to take the day off again as usual so I don't bump into an auditor and say the wrong thing. Haven't worked an audit day in years.
  8. Bagels

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    Because our building is so large, they're always clued weeks in advance based on the number of auditors scheduled to work a specific time period (really, why is this information shared with UPS). Preload's audited a day after drivers & local sort, so management will call those who suck at DOK and offer them the day off. They'll call everyone else and tell us to show up earlier... silly.

    On our last audit, I was observed pushing aside a 24-pack of water that (surprise!) broke open & worked around when suddenly a 350-lb. auditor came thumping into the trailer and scolded me with 'even though it looks like factory-bottled water, you don't know what it could be, blah, blah, blah.' Despite the fact that during compliance training, the video says we can...
  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Your reply should be to ask "Then why was UPS negligent in allowing falsely labeled HazMats into the system? Should I go call OSHA and the EPA now?".
  10. ajblakejr

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    Auditors are smart and recognize window dressings.
  11. anonymous6

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    i'll say "What's a Pre-Trip?" seatbelt? wastes time. check dolly? another waste of time. 5 Seeing Habits??? I thought it was three...See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. 10 Point Commentary??? Is that on CNN?

    I have to get out on time for your ON-TIME NETWORK.... so we are discouraged on doing things by the book. the kiss-asses that cut corners and always get out on time get preferential treatment at our hub.
  12. DriveInDriveOut

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    Supervisors here make a point to let everyone know when the auditors are coming in that day, we still fail every single one.

    Most people don't know the 8 steps to picking up a box, or the 5 keys to walking without falling down. They seem to get through the day just fine.
  13. MethodsMan

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    Meh. The auditing company is owned by UPS anyways.
  14. hyena

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    Sorry off topic but Bagels your avatar just made me laugh. I used to have a pic real close to that saved under one of my old sups phone number. So when he called Id crack up. Everyone at work liked it as well.
  15. 8Keys

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    Good thing that broke or it might get sold at a store and some poor chap might think it was safe to drink. I'm sure after that, the building was shut down while designated responders dressed like astronauts conducted a pH test and brought samples back to the lab for analysis.
  16. Jackburton

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    Auditors are always long gone by the time I hit the dock plate, probably were home by the time I delivered their fancy new clipboard from Amazon.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    We had our audit this past week.
    The next day during the PCM, they called out the names of the drivers who got 100% on the questions.

    Get them all wrong or right, I think its disturbing to use our names in these things. It just paints a bulls-eye on drivers with bad memory skills.
  18. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow Deplorable.

    This thread has me cracking up. It's been a few years since this Keter outfit has come to our building.

    Something that always gives me a chuckle is that they "get word" that Keter is "in the area", and promptly spend precious minutes in the morning drilling useless knowledge into our heads.

    Then, while you're trying to do airs, here comes the 10-point commentary via message in the board at 10:24.

    A little while later, here comes the response-requires message:

    "Keter is in Vermont today..."
    To which I reply:
    "Thats great... I'm in New Jersey..."

    Rinse and repeat every 30 days...
  19. browntroll

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    sup always pulls me to the side to tell me auditors are coming so to work extra careful. i have never been a big safety guy and consider myself lucky they
    have never questioned me. i do love sups filling out my test for me whenever they come up, i havent had to do my own safety test in years they just ask
    for my signature on them and date they do the rest.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    The Auditors you speak of must be keter. The object is to pass the audit not fail. They really don't give notice that they are going to your building it is just know that they are going to be such and such area this week. By knowing this all the centers in that area usually get all there employees looking over the DOK and other things that they need to know this is another way keter gets people to study and learn the DOK. My building hasn't had a Keter audit in over 4 years. Every couple of months when keter is in the area we get the you need to know all the DOK just in case keter comes.