Why FDEX beats UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hoopdedoo, May 24, 2013.

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    I love when seeking alpha guys come out with thier editorials stating why to buy a stock. Where were all these bulls when Apple plummeted during the same time they were saying it was going to 1000.00?
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    even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
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    Sooooo.....FedEx stock is better?
  5. brownmonster

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    What a clueless article.
  6. Dracula

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    Who cares what Wall Street lizards say? Loo-hoo-zers...
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    I think people here care when there are articles in which the roles are reversed.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    These are the same losers that said BUY GOLD !!!! lol
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    So did Glen Beck...oh.
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    Article states UPS is trading at 97 times earnings. Really? According to the stock gauge on the front page of BC it is at 19.
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    They'd love to sell you some FedEx stock. And FedEx is horribly mismanaged. Even with the huge advantages of a non-union Express workforce and the non-employee, low-wage Ground scam, they still can't get it right. I've worked for both, and UPS runs a much tighter ship...that's why they make money even with highly-paid unionized workers. FedEx? The Titanic, Andrea Doria, and HMS Bounty...all rolled into one doomed vessel.
  12. Benben

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    The 97x's earnings is due to one-offs. Fed-Ex has a horrible yield!! For 2013 fedex is guiding for a 6% decline year over year. UPS is guiding for a 500% increase in earnings y/y. The article was written due to fedex's nearly $12 slide in stock price in just the past month. Author states he currently does not own fedex but the entire article smacks as a pump n dump
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    Are you completely incapable of being objective in thinking about Fedex?
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    It don't son. I didn't even open that link up. I don't have to. The crazy cheap guys in the corporate ivory tower + the hardest working teamsters in the industry point blank will never let it happen. Even the worst teamster ups worker can out work anybody. Carry on
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  16. MrFedEx

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    Just like you, the official cheerleader for Ground? Oh, that's right. You're the one paying $12 per hour and then raking-in 5-figures off the morons who will work for that kind of chump change.
  17. bbsam

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    Corporations have shown that American workers will work for "chump change". It is what it is. I hardly extrapolate that into the companies ultimate failure.
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    Said Paul Bunyan to Blue.
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    I meant to say "6-figures" in my previous post...not 5, concerning your profit margin. Workers labor for chump change because they have few alternatives, thanks to complicit politicians who want to kill unions and make all states right to work states.
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    Express is in free-fall, while Ground is raking it in big time. Overall, FDX will continue to be profitable due to the Ground scam. As long as FedEx can have people working for less than half what a UPS driver makes, they will be able to undercut Brown on price every time. Take away the cheap labor and you've got an incredibly mis-managed company headed down the toilet...fast.

    All of the stock pimps and cheerleaders say FedEx stock will continue to rise, which sounds like the "pump and dump" you mention. I fully expect the Express opco to start losing money very shortly, and for those losses to compound as upper management continues to spend huge money on a dysfunctional new routing system (DRA), new jets, and massive hiring.