Why Mike must go

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Dfigtree, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Dfigtree

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    Let me open it up to readers of the Brown Cafe. Why do you think Mike must go.

    1. He has failed to replace Madeira whine. (It's an I.S. reference.)
  2. seachange

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    maybe mike (and the rest of lame mgmt committee) should go because the stock has not performed. face it... this stock (i.e. company) is competing in a new world. ups takes too long to change, and when it does change its a knee jerk reaction. Nothing new comes out of this company. as long as the current 'regime' is in power, i expect nothing; only the 'regime' rewarding itself with more options and RSU's. i guess the rich get richer.
  3. Easy answer -

    Because the stock is around $2 above the closing price of 11/10/1999!! And for anyone that hasn't been watching close, the stock hasn't split since then either. The overall market has performed well during that time as has the transportation sector.

    If you want a strategy that gets you a few pct in income and holds your principal then Mike's your CEO. Mike would be one heck of a passbook savings account manager.
  4. psstdrvr

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    If every disgruntled shareowner uses their class 'A' status when voting on the next proxy maybe someone will take notice. Also voice your disgust in the comments section of the ERI survey and see if anything results.
  5. seachange

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    i voiced my disgust on every ERI for the 7 years, nothing was ever done, except follow up ERI's (i.e. witch hunts!) i can gladly say that I'm no longer an employee (THANK GOD). life is good after UPS.
  6. wornoutupser

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    ERI??? Our building was 32% positive this year hahahahaha
  7. upsdawg

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    Mike has brought UPS from a $25 Billion company to almost a $40 billion company---and is responsible for a company that represents 5% of the GND. Would you rather have a company whose stock has increased and is fighting to not go into Chap 11??

    One of the weak areas is the stock price----however when you are comparing other stocks--how many have paid the quarterly dividends that UPS does--and is financially strong --like AAA Bond rating strong---and has a$5 Billion cash reserve---and is in a position to make a major aquisition when it is available??

    I do agree that it would be nice to have a higher stock price and see stock splits like the days of old when we were a privately held company--but those days are gone!!
    My prediction is this------UPS will buy back major shares and get the price of stock up there in the next 6 months--than when the stock price is high---UPS will make a major acquisition using the high stock price as leverage to buy/trade!!!!

    It is easy to pass blame--------and remember this--when the contract negotiations are not settled and our stock price is dwindling---don't blame Mike---but rather look yourself in the mirror!
  8. trickpony1

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    I knew it.......I just frickin' knew it!
    Back when the company went public me and a bunch of my dumb truck driving buddies were standing around trying to figure out why the company really wanted us to liquidate our "thrift plan" and buy stock. Now I know why.......the company is using our stock, and it's price, as a hostage negotiating tool against us.
    What can brown do for you?
    Makes me proud :mad:
  9. I think a lot of the things Mike has done have positioned us well for the future and kept us competitive. Interesting that Scott reaffirms this year's guidance and the next day we lose one of our biggest ground customers. THat had to have been in the works for some time. But Mike's tenure has all built up to what has to be done now:

    1. We need an early agreement with the Teamsters.
    2. We need our systems that we have touted to the analysts to deliver $$ savings (PAS, Worldship), others are doing well like Trade Direct etc.
    3. We need to keep on pruning the dead wood, esp from Corporate.
    4. We need to get back to domestic volume growth, no 'minimal to flat' stuff.
    5. Our PR needs to get into the 20th century (yes at least 20th).
    6. We need to prove that we can fix SCS, maybe through acquisition of other players.

    Getting these done, along with whatever it takes for our biggest and best customers in the meantime, is a matter of Management 'will.' Otherwise known as courage.

    Go UPS!
  10. Dfigtree

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    P71. At least you have a plan.

    [FONT=&quot]I do believe that I have said more than once that failure to provide a fair return on investment makes Mike a measurable failure. Nothing personal, but he has missed his MAR on his number one priority. In addition, the BOD has failed to do anything about it. . His salary and bonus should be tied to his ability to increase the share price (now that we are public) over the long run. Five years is a pretty good run.[/FONT]
  11. upsdawg

    upsdawg UPSDAWG

    Peacock----you have the right idea--now how do we get the BOD to wake up and get a clue??

    Financial Planner----Eskew has directed us to t e point that we have had record "PROFITS" in the past quarters-----which is what I am always happy about--even more so that stock price-----one would assume that they go hand in hand...........but they don't.Wall Street doesn't want to hear what you HAVE DONE IN THE PAST---they want to know what "THE OUTLOOK FOR FUTURE EARNINGS IS "----are there going to be any bumps in the future road---Teamster Contract---price of Fuel---Economy Demands .

    We are our own worst enemies---because UPS people hold onto their shares and there is not a lot of stock being sold and purchased hurts our stock price--that is why UPS has $2-5 Billion in reserve to purchase shares and keep the share price up----or even.I still think that they will have a major buying spurt--get the stock price up there and than do a trade of stock in some major acquition----any idea as to what it might be??
  12. psstdrvr

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    Have to agree that the ERI survey is a joke, only thing good is that we get a meal and 1/2hr o/t to push #5, strongly disagree over and over!!!! But our genius supv finally figured out the guys who are not allowed to take the survey, who says management is predictable. Honestly don't understand why people still hold this non performing stock.....Oh thats right the majority are in management!!! case closed.
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    I love the reference to Mediero whine.... Just the other day, He and Kaaaleen helped walk out a 15 year employee who was ready to retire. I.S. is a joke. Everyday all you see is one after another waiting to suck up.

  14. Dfigtree

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    That's Madeira whine, with an "a". can't use real names here.

    But, isn't it tragic, that the guy who should be canned is the guy doing the canning?

    When one of the most wonderful managers I ever worked for is crushed in terms of the corporate ladder, it is time to bail. I'm really sick over that.

    I think the whole Taj Mah-Wah should walk out en-mass and see how senior I.S. management and the shareholders, us, react.

    It's almost St.Patty's Day and Jim Casey's spirit is not happy.