Why Obama May Be a One Termer

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    "Reagan worked his magic with tax cuts. Obama is trying to do the same with government spending. But stimulus packages are only supposed to keep the recession from getting worse or morphing into a mini-depression. I don't think anyone expects that $500 billion in hot money to return America to prosperity. Only time (and the private sector) can do that, especially with a downturn caused by a credit crisisa and deflating asset bubble."
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    Be even as interesting going forward to see what the republican party does and who emerges as the new leading lights. A lot of media has covered Palin, Romney and Jindal but in the days ahead will republicans like a Jeff Flake, Paul Broun or Walter Jones (all spoken highly of by Paul in recent NY Times interview) begin to emerge from the shadows of the Ron Paulish side of the party. Even John Sheddeg has a Paulian streak and a solid Goldwater legacy to his history.

    I understand from a political viewpoint the idea of entertaining a one term Obama but the simple fact is the republican party is in complete disarray at this point. To make matters even worse is that it appears the party will continue to hold onto the same leadership in Congress that got them where they are now. If the republicans think it's business as usual, they are in for a further surprise come 2010'.

    I still believe the core fiscal/less gov't values are still there in the american voter and that the election results weren't a vote for the Obama agenda but rather a vocal repudiation of the Bush/Republican (Big Gov't) legacy. For republicans to think otherwise, which I think they are, is to invite further disaster with the only hope otherwise that Obama will overplay his hand. He's not as you look at all the DLC Clintonistas he is placing in position of his adminstrations leadership and much of the Bush legacy will live on just rewrapped in new packaging and sold to America as change.

    Sade wrote a very popular song about Obama called Smooth Operator!
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    Obama didnt win this election win back the senate and congress, Howard Dean did. The DNC was in the same boat the GOP is now, they picked a strong, passionate person to lead them and they accomplished major feats. What Id like to see in the next couple years is Ruddie take over the GOP (passionate, well liked, well respected) and put someone like Huckabee in 2012.

    On the subject of this thread, if obama isnt the mircle worker that he said he was he'll go down in a ball of flames
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    I don't think the republican party is all that bad off. They put a middle of the road socialist up for their candidate and lost conservative interest.
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    Are you guys kidding me? he hasnt even been sworn in yet! Now i believe that some of you really need a hobby!
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    There is a larger point here. It does not really matter how the economy is doing. It matters how people see the economy. It does not matter who is in charge of the White House.
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    If you don't have a magical crystal ball or a 2012 Almanac, why even speculate?....I know :slap:........ must be therapeutic process to lick your wounds. Sort of like a support group.....It goes something like this:

    "Hi" My name is Tie, and I'm a political junkie. All I see is red :angry:,and I'm from a Red State (guessing), thats why I type in blue......i'm so confused.

    "Hi" My name is Drewed, and just because the DNC got Obama elected, were all screwed! I'm only here to do my duty, because in 2012 I will help elect Ruddie.

    "Hi" my name is AV8, and I think Reagan is great. I don't know why I evoke ole' Ron, but maybe, if I compare him to Obama, I can get people to fall for this drama...

    And then the facilitater see's someone laughing in the corner under the desk......

    "Hi" My name is Wk"mac" And I like to hide. I don't drink the Koolaid from either side, but have my own drink from my Ron Paul flask, and I challenge anyone on a political task :raspberry:

    So carry on my political armchair quarterbacks in rehab......get it out of your system and knock your selves out :clubbing:
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    Actually Tie's state went blue in a pretty big way, which may account for some of his anger :happy2:
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    I hate to ask because I think I may know the answer but did you even read the blog? It is not really about your leader Obama but more about the way people tend to view the economy and by default cast their votes. So you ask why even speculate? History tends to be a great predictor of the future and no I did not write that but I cannot remember who to attribute that quote. I would bet if you asked 20 people about the economy right now you would get pretty close the same answer from everyone. There is a good lesson in this for you especially since you are an admitted hard core dim. To me the consumer confidence index is one of the worst predictors of the actual economy but that is one of the main things you hear about in the media. Think about it. This article is not really bashing your beloved leader but more bashing you as a voter.

    "It's the battered economy, after all, that will be President Obama's greatest domestic policy challenge. As such, it will also be his greatest political challenge, too -- but one where failure may already be baked into the cake."

    "Recall that in January of 1992, President Bush, running for reelection, told New Hampshire voters that the economy was in "free fall" even though the economy was later shown to have grown at a robust 4.2 percent during the first quarter of that year. "

    "See, it takes a while for people to really perceive that an economy has turned around, especially if unemployment is high. Bill Clinton won the 1992 election on the economy ("it's the economy, stupid") even though GDP had been growing for six full quarters. According to Gallup, 88 percent of Americans thought the economy was "fair" or "poor" in October 1992 with some 60 percent saying the economy was "getting worse." Two years later, it was the Democrats turn to feel the brunt of widespread economic anxiety as the Republicans captured both the House and the Senate."
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    Hi my name is Diesel and I can't wait until I can drive my 57 chevy to a cuban hospital under my new socialist health care plan.
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    It did. Urban areas decide the state. Rest of the state was red.

    You guys keep trying to muddy the waters with this anger BS. There is no anger here. I didn't particularly care for McCain or Obama because I think they both are basically cut from the same cloth. Republican party forgot its core. They forgot how the conservatives turned out four years ago and by Mikestreks defintion gave Bush a landslide victory.

    My other point has been that while you liberals love to blame the whole worlds problems on Bush the fact remains that Congress was an active participant in the destruction of our economy.

    Congress was an active participant in the war effort and many of your liberal heros are actually profiting from the war effort.

    Congress was and has been a supporter of the facism you liberals love to refer to. Congress has done nothing to eliminate or address this facism you liberals love to complain about.

    My post have not been anger based. I have become disgusted with todays politics and my anger with the whole process went out the window years ago. My points have attempted to be reality checks for those of you who think Obama may actually be the christ child and congress his disciples.
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    you forgot me......or do i not fit neatly into what you post about?

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    I would but they sunk it.....btw....it's a 51 chevy p/u.....
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    May I have your attention please?
    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
    And put one of those fingers on each hand up?
    My name is, my name is, my name is Slim Shady
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    Whooooosaaaa.......Now doesn't that rant feel better now that you got it off your chest....Now lets make the sign of the cross since you envoked Christ name....In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy...... :bow: Obama ? . ......lol

    :grill:.......wiki wiki wiki wiki:punk:
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    wkmac said:

    Again, Truth hurts don't it D!
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    Here Diesel, watch this and you'll feel better!

    Wassup 2008

    It is a funny video!
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    Now that's funny! ROTFLMAO

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    :hang: :clap:........Me likey.....Thx

    Look at this way.......Clinton-ista's vs. McCain-iacs.....Sure we were sold on change but :censored2: rolls down hill and Obama is sitting on the throne. We just have some old familiar faces to replenish the toilet paper. And this country is going to need alot of wiping.......:peaceful:
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