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  1. So I ordered a package a couple weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. 3 Day Guaranteed. Well it got to me Friday. This is not the first time either, the last 4 packages that came via UPS have been late. It's too bad the only place I shop online switched to UPS as their main courier... :(
    Fed Ex ALWAYS got my package to me on time or at least 1 day early.
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    If you ordered on a Saturday, then the package wouldn't leave the Shipper until Monday, providing that they actually processed and shipped it as soon as they could. It sounds to me that that this was actually shipped Tuesday if it went Three Day Select and would then have been delivered Friday. You can go to www.ups.com and track the package using the Tracking number over the Bar Code. This will tell you when the package actually left the shipper's warehouse. UPS offers a money back guarantee on everything we do, we wouldn't be in business if we were late all the time.
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    ...what scratch said...

    It was most likely the company you ordered it from did not ship it out until tuesday. Track it on the ups website.
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    What Scratch said.
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    Anytime I am on the rt. and someone comes at me with stuff, I grab the old cell and call the OMS and track pkg with them standing there. Nine times out of ten the shipper has lied to the cust. and blamed it on us.
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    The 3 biggest lies:
    1. The check is in the mail
    2. I shipped that out yesterday
    3. I promise I wont ................dang- how does the rest of that go?:happy2:
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    I order stuff online all the time. Much of the stuff I get comes UPS. I once had a burned misload and a miss-sort(went to the wrong building) for two different packages. I was supposed to get them the same day. I ended up getting them both the next day. Of all the deliveries I've had, those are the only service failures I've had. On a couple of occasions I've had stuff show up early from a place I order from in Texas.

    I would suggest tracking it and see when it was picked up. All that nifty online tracking info is for the customers. If you don't know exactly when it was shipped. How do you know it was late?
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    The order will be processed by the shipper Monday by the evening most typically if placed on a weekend.

    Then, the shipment is brought to a local UPS facility Tues AM

    The manifest may say Monday Evening, but the trip begins Tuesday.
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    I love people who complain without taking the time to research the issue.
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    I order a lot and I look at the whole picture and 99.9% of the time it is the shipper that delays. Some are just sending the orders to the manufacturer and the delivery does not statrt until it leaves the direct shipper.
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    I have a casino on my rte. Last Fri I del 2/3 pkgs they had ordered from Phoenix. Yesterday and today they asked if I had the 3rd pkg of the order. "No I don't, lets call and see what's up with it." So I call the ctr give them the tracking number an 'lo and behold' the pkg is sitting in a cache in IL. Imagine that. When I called it just so happened that I got the sup on the phone. Question to sup "Can we get this expedited back here? Cnee needs pkg to complete order and send it to the proper dep't." Get back to ctr tonite and ask about pkg that is IL. OMS "oh yea, I have all the info right here, waiting for some one to call me back." Wanna bet that me cnee doesn't get their pkg until sometime next week. And UPS wonders why they are losing business. :speechless2: And yet blame the drivers because we aren't doing enough to bring in more business.
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