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    What could come next?
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    I'm gonna guess that the David Spade look alike needed more time to edit whatever video he's planning on releasing. He's just trying to make a buck.
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    I am just a "Moron" according to UPSstateNYer.

    I would like to comment, but I have only 760 Posts *(not 10,000)

    May I read the Links???
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    Wow wikileaks actually admits they are releasing an edited incomplete picture. That's a big step for them.
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    does this mean that they are following in O's administration footsteps ?
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    this is nothing that a thin plot by barry & company to withdraw from all these conflicts
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    Im sorry, but the real story should be that someone leaked these "CLASSIFIED" documents. That is treason, yes? I haven't read the reports, but the news this morning was saying that these could possibly identify informants in the war zone. Gee, I wonder what Al Queida will do with that info?? When asked if that would just be "colateral damage", the guy who runs the website(sorry don't know his name) said yes.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is incredibly wrong?
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    Which would probably be a really good idea...

    Really, what a waste of lives and money. People complain about the concept of universal health-care...know how many times over we could have paid for health-care for all US citizens (or whatever the heck else) with the running bill for 9 years of 'war' on two fronts?

    Not that I think the wiki-leaks thing is a good idea, it just seems plain dumb. But I can sort of see their point - what if the actual truth is that these wars are getting us nowhere, not increasing our safety, putting our troops in harms way for no real good reason, etc. etc. The leaders of Afghanistan just announced that (9 years later) they can see no way that their country will be stable. AWESOME!

    I consider myself a conservative, and there is absolutely nothing conservative or rational about continuing these 'wars'.
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    Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers fame) on the recently Wikileaks situation

    And right after Scott Horton interviews Ellsberg, he does the same with Julian Assange, the face of Wikileaks

    Assange may be a villian but 2 things to keep in mind. First, wikileaks exposed the emails in what came to be known as Climategate of which many here used to support their positions that global warming is a fraud. Also you Fox News lovers should be grateful as Fox more than any other got a ton of mileage out of that disclosure.

    The second concerns Ellsberg who at the time of the Pentagon Papers release was also considered a villian as well but history has an irony that proved Ellsberg correct. It worked so well that even years later former Defense Sec. under Kennedy/Johnson, Robert McNama publically admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident in fact "never happened!" (direct quote). Google Video "The Fog of War" Tapes released from security archives reveal a lot more was behind the Gulf of Tonkin incident including our covert actions to provoke a response. This same ploy IMO was pulled with Iran recently by the US but the Iranian navy responding was little more than suped up rubber bass boats and stood no chance and thankfully so.

    If you think those in power can't skew the data then think again as it's a well worn path in the corridors of power. Even some Senators in the day suspected not all was as it seemed! Looking back, one has to wonder if Vietnam proved the perfect election vehicle for a sitting President who was running for re-election just as events served a later President who was elected with many questions left about the entire process. Did both Presidents use war to serve their own political ends?

    What will history in 20 or 30 more years reveal about recent and today's events as it relates to actions of gov't? Might Assange and Wikileaks prove like Ellsberg to go from villian to the ironic hero?
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    I thought transparency was a good thing.
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    He's not an American citizen so no, it's not treason.
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    Interpol has a different opinion.
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    Are you saying that interpol is charging him with treason? Can you provide a link to that?
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    I think to get a treason conviction in the US, the persons act has to result in premeditated death(s).

    I'm sure they can't get this on Assange, and I doubt they can get it on the private who actually stole the information.

    I also don't think they can convict Assange at all. He is a news source. He did not steal any information, only published it. If anything, they should prosecute the administration that allowed this information to become public. They are using Assange as a scapegoat. Hold the people who allowed a private access to so much information accountable.
    However, they should also prosecute the private to the fullest extent etc etc.