Will the cuts stop?

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    At our hub last year we bid 177 feeder runs. This year we bid 150. Since bid they have cut at least 5 runs. We've addressed, re-addressed, re-re-addressed this at committee meetings and the company always has an answer. There seems to be alot of drivers from other areas coming in to retrieve loads that we would normally pull. Company says they have the right because they are bypass loads. We've been told it is because of the volume but the numbers don't justify that argument. I think it is our management's unwillingness to fight to keep the work in our barn. Other hubs have the people who are willing to fight for the work. I know the packages are down and times are tough but the numbers that are shown do not justify the cuts that have been made.
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    I hope they stop I want to get hired again.
  3. 705red

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    UPS has some tough decisions to make here real soon. Busting out package routes daily and forcing those of us that do work to work later an later. We are working almost peak hours now and its just a matter of time before drivers start dropping with fatigue and injuries.

    Peak will be bad enough with telematics, no more short cuts even during peak. No more 300 to 400 stop days because of following the methods and what will happen when UPS has to hire extra seasonal drivers because a good portion of their drivers are on comp?
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    If everyone would get on the over 9.5 lists and even follow just half of the methods this route cutting would be very difficult to continue. We haven't heard a thing about telematics but I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm hoping that it will force some of our guys to slow down a bit. My gut feeling tells me that it won't. I think that telematics will be ignored until someone is injured.
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    From day one on telematics they have pounded the drivers over the reports. No one has been disciplined but they have been talked to. You must have your seat belt on before the wheels start moving or its a seat belt violation. You cannot back the truck first after starting the ignition, you must pull forward then go in reverse. Idle time, no trucks are allowed to idle. So basically it hurts the runners that leave the truck run, bulk head door open and never use the seat belts.

    9.5s are getting deadlocked across the country for one reason, to discourage drivers from filing. If you know that it could take a year or more to get paid drivers will be hesitant to file. Yet every week here I file more and more 9.5s, at least we know we will get our money eventually.
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    We have on a daily basis 3 or more drivers pulling light duty, along with several others on disability.
    And things are going to get worst.
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    as of 8/31/09 northbrook feeder ops will close down.fdr drv will be able to follow work if they want to.dont know how many will go to palatine or go to jeff st feeder.if pal gets 1/2 that will put 27 drvers ahead of me [ouch] northbrook will stay as p/c center.oh well it is what it is.:peaceful:
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    I believe that UPS moves the packages by the most profitable route and all the other companies I have worked for in the past have done the same. It is tough to see what the big picture is from where I stand, But I understand from the perspective from the other job I have. There too, people who do not see the big picture ask the same questions.
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    Whats the total on your board now?
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    North brook is closing its feeder department. The bulk of the drivers will be moved to Palatine with the rest moving to Jefferson street. Palatine will also receive some of the twilight shift form North brook.

    UPS has not meet with the union to cover the change of operations as of yet.

    Palatine I believe has around 80 (705) feeder drivers, North brook is in the 40's while Jeff is in the hundreds.

    This has been a rumor for some time now, and when we switched districts almost two years ago I could see this coming. This is no different then what happened at Franklin Park and Bedford Park. The moves went off without a hitch and the drivers received more O.T because of the extra drive time.

    Its a 30 minute drive from Palatine to North Brook so each route now has an additional hour of drive time, which means more overtime.
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    There was talk of some NB drivers coming to us but that was talk and it has been some time since it went around.
    If I remember correctly NB has a pretty senior driving board or has retirements brought in more newer drivers?
  12. 705red

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    Lots of senior drivers and a nice mix of yourger drivers. About 7 or 8 with under 10 years of fulltime seniority.
  13. hondo

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    NBK feeder board has 54, today

    • 46 LU705
    • 4 LU710
    • 4 feeder washers
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    Make the bleeding stop.