Will UPS Buy A Freight Company?



This has been an ever growing question back to the days when UPS went public with the claim that UPS would use the stock as capital for expanding the company footprint. In fact, the belief was the aquistion would be huge with everything from various freight companies to one assertion we would buy Microsoft. Yeah I got a kick out of that one too.

Most folks appear to agree that a freight company seems the more logical but who to aquire and is it really needed? Many good arguments on all sides of this but I just learned of an article discussing the potential of UPS aquiring Yellow Freight after they absord Roadway in the coming months. The various points in the discussion are interesting and by no means prove this is or will happen but it does throwout some interesting things to think about. Again, my caveat is to treat this article as someone talking out loud (op-ed piece at best)rather than a real potential fact but it does give a little food for thought along a variety of lines.



I dont know enough about the bottom line of Yellow et al to say yes or no. One thing for sure, UPS never buys a company that is on the way out to turn it around. THey buy/link up with companies that are the most respected in the area they serve. And from what I understand Yellow might fill that need for UPS.