Wishes on Wheels Truck Convoy

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    Anyone else going to be in the convoy this year? It is a benefit for the Make a Wish Foundation. I heard that last year, UPS had the most tractors there! Look at the line of our tractors in the picture on their website.

    Wishes on Wheels Truck Convoy website

    I'll be there, if you're looking for me I'll be in the BROWN tractor. (Or try calling me on channel 8. "Hey, Over9five!!!!". I may even answer!)

    Covemaster, you goin'????
  2. over9five

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    I should have added that this event is THIS SUNDAY, Sept 21.

    The annual Wishes On Wheels Convoy will start at the FedEx Ground facility on Ruby Road just off I-84 (exit 71) near the Massachusetts border in Willington, CT and travel west on I-84, make a u-turn and head east, back to FedEx Ground. This will give participants a chance to view this spectacular event while it’s happening.
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    A forward to 6:12 gives a good idea of the amount of UPS tractors. WOW, that had to be all the tractors from a major hub. An impressive size convoy.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    We had a package car convoy last year for a different reason. One of our brother drivers died of a heart attack on the consignee's shipping dock. They had to get special permisson from corp office and his family loved it. The procession was covered by the local news. Sorry, I know this isn't what this thread was about.
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    seems cool i like the fedex sign in the grass with all those UPS tractors, the package car was cute!
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    haha 2 fedex tractors followed by like 50 UPS haha
  7. over9five

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    It was a beautiful day for a great event!

    Wishes on Wheels 008 (Small).jpg
    Wishes on Wheels 008 (Small).jpg
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    Fedex was there too.

    Wishes on Wheels 014 (Small).jpg
    Wishes on Wheels 014 (Small).jpg
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