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  1. Integrity

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    To all,

    I have been privately informed that this is a new management certification.

    Maybe a commitment is being made to start holding management people accountable for working with Integrity and not against him!

    The message stated that this was happening in this person's disrict.

    For what I have been told the training covers a wide range of "integrity" issues.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Is this just a district intiative or is this company wide?

    Any information would be appreciated?

  2. dannyboy

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    Lol, Integ, tell me if I am wrong, but is integrity not something you are taught early on. Like childhood? When you learn right from wrong? So now UPS is going to train and certify managers in integrity?

    How bad does integrity have to be for the company to feel that it needs to train and certify people to have integrity?

    I think someone pulleth your chain......


    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    It's funny that a guy named integrity lies all the time but anyhow.

    This is not something new, and it's not any kind of elaborate training. It's you as a management person signing off saying that you will act with integrity. It means if you get caught lying about something we can go back and pull out this piece of paper and hand it to you as you are escorted off the property.

    I am pretty sure this is only in operations, and support functions, and I had to sign those forms years ago when I was in operations.
  4. dannyboy

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    Ops and support only huh?

    So what you are saying is that above that point, they dont have need of integrity? Or is it that you are saying they hold ops and support functions to a higher standard? Or is it that you are saying that without the paper stating you have integrity, you cant be fired?

    Socks, what exactly is it you are saying?:peaceful:

  5. Integrity

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    According to my contact this is different from the old training.

    The district management certification is actually called:

    with Integrity

    My contact said it is short but very comprehensive.

  6. Anonymous 10

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    It's a mistake please disregard
  7. What district you are in?
    We have two sups with falsefying records issue going upstairs.
    As for dannyboy yes it is something taught earlier, but the meeting with the "standards" enviroment can change that really, really fast.
  8. Bubblehead

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    I have to believe there is some type of clever acronym to help them when they forget...or to help them pretend.
  9. Integrity

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    407 steward,

    I believe my contact but you may be correct, it may be a mistake.

  10. menotyou

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    Shoulder checking covered in that training?
  11. PASinterference

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    I would guess this is only a front brought on by upper mgmt.With questionable integrity issues running rampant company wide,it's upper mgmt's way of "solving" the problem. I can just hear my DM on a conference call now."Cant you cover your backside without the drivers finding out?"
  12. Integrity

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    Just_another _day_at_work,

    Since Integrity is at the core of everything we do, you can find me in all districts.

    Some districts are working with Integrity.

    Some districts are working very much against Integrity.

    Integrity can be sought by any person, but they must first seek " the Truth".

    There is no Integrity apart from "the Truth".

    Where there is no truth with one's self, "the Truth" does not abide.

    Where there is denial there is no truth with one's self.

    Again, anyone that may know about this official UPS Management Certification titled:

    with Intergrity

    I would appreciate any information that you are willing to provide.

  13. menotyou

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  14. dannyboy

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    WEll well, lookie what the cat dragged in. Welcome back Obie wan.

    What, the Union has problems with integrity? Please tie, say it aint so..........

    But we do expect to have management lead with their integrity, so the union will follow.

  15. brownmonster

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    It's not lying. It's called spin.
  16. menotyou

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    Broken frames? Is that what you are talking about?
  17. Brown_Star

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  18. packageguy

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    Tieguy, I don't know what center your from, or what rock you crawled out of, but you can not say you guys don't lie. supervisors lie and rat each other out. Then they do it to drivers, sending messages over diad saying what are you doing out there, your behind hurry up, We have oms girl print those messages for proof. That's how stupid they are. Best part they don't get into trouble, center manager says good job that would make the driver move there ass.
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  19. Monkey Butt

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    I doubt if the supervisor "lies" as much as the accumulated "lies" of 12 -20 drivers that are assigned to him /her ... at least from what I have seen of the posts on here. In fact, it seems to be a point of honor and respect with many of the driver posters on here.
    Seems to pretty much go both ways.
  20. menotyou

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    I have never lied to my supervisor. I don't like liars. I have been lied to many times. Like, when they said I wasn't assaulted. Like, when they said I stole a package that the video showed that I never touched. Like, when they said a state truck hit my car(while I was working at the airport) in the parking lot when it clearly was a rub from a feeder tire. Shall I go on? Lord know I can.