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    I am a PT package handler. I qualified last fall for PC driver and drove seasonally. Won a bid early June on a route and am now I'm waiting to be trained on the route... How long does it usually take to get started on that route from actually winning the bid. I keep being told different start dates. I was told I had to wait another 2 weeks. Is this normal?
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    In my center they like to start the training as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the bid has been awarded.

    You can get a head start by asking for a printout of a typical day's delivery records for that area.
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    I filled out the reclassification may 27th, was told I won one of the four bids but haven't been told any other information. They just said two more weeks. Just seems delayed... will try that, thanks.
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    Do this....go to the manager and ask which bid you won! If the manager him haws ask to see the bid sheet. Then you can get a printout of the route off the computer. Your contract may have a time limit on when they award bids. If it's past that time tell them you will go out on your own. After you find out which bid you won.....it may already be a route you've driven, then you request to be put on it. If you don't know it, ask the bid driver of the route if he will talk you thru it....take notes. Now after you feel you can do the route you go to your boss and request to be put on it.
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    We have had guys wait 3 months. Usually within 2-3 weeks.

    Goodluck. If you feel overwhelmed. Take a break
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    Those guys have no spine.

    Drivers are supposed to be trained on and assigned to their bid route within 30 days of being "awarded" the route. It's in the contract. I would look it up for you but I just don't feel like doing that much leg work for something I don't give a crap about. :laugh:
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    They told me they didn't have time to train me when I won my route. I said I'll go blind and that's what I did. Been on it ever since.
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    Trained. There is the PC now go!!
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    They don't want to train you because that means they'll have to be on the truck for a few days. The last thing many supes want to do is actually work. Plus, they usually don't know the route anyhow, so it's a case of the blind leading the blind. This is one of those situations where their lies can rule the day.