Workers comp for a minor injury?

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    I may have torn a tendon in my wrist loading a box. It's swollen and bruised. If it gets worse tomorrow and I see a doctor that confirms I won't be able to work, will I be eligible for workers comp? My state's laws are fairly vague on the subject since it's a "minor injury". And UPS tried to keep me working with one hand so I doubt they're going to help. I'm sure I'll get the answers I need if I end up going to the doc's but is there anything you guys can recommend? Forms, a number to call, etc.
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    Try this
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    Contact your management team and fill out an injury form, like yesterday.
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    Any injury that prevents you from being able to support yourself or your family is serious.

    File an injury report immediately in writing and demand to go to the company doctor. You'll have to see their doctor anyway to begin the comp process.

    I'm not a lawyer but live in a state with terrible workman's comp laws; the only stuff that isn't really covered are reptitive motion injuries in certain circumstances. If you can trace the injury to a SPECIFIC movement or work action, then it's likely a valid claim. Either way, you need to file a report ASAP regardless of what your supervisor may say in order to protect yourself.
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    Expect UPS and Liberty Mutual to fight you every step of the way. Make copies of EVERYTHING and never give the original to UPS. Keep track of ALL phone calls. Write down what was said. Keep track of all mileage to the doctors office or where ever they send you. Get a folder and save EVERYTHING. Contrary to what UPS would have you believe their management is not qualified to give you medical advise.
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    It's busy.
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    Report the injury to a manager...get a Comp claim # and see the doctor. A torn tendon is not necessarily a minor injury worthy of a band-aid.