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  1. yonnko

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    I am going to be on Light Duty for two to four weeks. I am working four hours in the office and comp will kick in remaining hours. I understand that if you are out of work completely, you do not get paid for the first three days and the you get 60% of your gross pay there after.

    I went directly to light duty. Does comp kick in immediately? Say I work 20 hrs. light duty for the week. Will comp pay me full rate for the other 20?
  2. UPSGUY72

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    Check with your HR person I believe comp rules differ by state.
  3. beatupbrown

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    Problem with light duty they push you do to more then what you are able to. If you do not then they make you out to be a faker, or they play the macho man card. Each state does have its own work comp rules, but UPS makes up the rules as they go along so watch out!
  4. Dagoof

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    When you go on comp you should get a letter telling you what they will be paying you. At least that is what happened in my cases.
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    Thanks. Got my answer from HR. Hope to be back to full duty in a week. Swelling on the broken toe is going down. Hope to be able to get a shoe on and get back at it.
  6. Matthew

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    i feel like i need to go out on comp again, was out only 1 month after bad slip and fall on ice and it hurts sometimes and my knee on that leg hurts now 1 year after the accident :(

    ankle was sprained super saturday of dec 08
  7. Matthew

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    sprained the ankle super saturday dec 08
  8. yonnko

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    This job is a marathon not a sprint. If you are planning on making this job your career, you should revisit the Dr. Even if you plan on leaving UPS, still have it looked at get it healed properly.