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    Anyone help with this? My work hours where changed last summer from 4pm to 6pm. I'm a mechanic in a small center so from 10pm or 11 pm I work alone until 2 a.m. Some one from region changed these work hours and may have to use the grievance procedure. Another center tried to fight it but lost. I don't know what all he filed under, or what was discussed etc. I want to be sure to use every thing I can when and if I have to. Numerous people have slipped on ice and fell, I'm under package cars on jack stands, torching, welding etc wife also fears of maybe a heart attach(4 people when know had one in last 3 months) could occur or anything could happen being alone. Friday nights I would be alone until 3 or 4 a.m before someone returns. I would understand new hours if they had a reason to support the center, cars are available 24 7 to be worked on. Please give me contract things such as Articles like safety is the up most importance.Thanks
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    I know where you are coming from. Our mechanic worked by himself for many many years. I think they still do. If nothing else make sure you carry your cell phone at all times and maybe even invest in one of those "I've fallen and can't get up" gizmos. Our mechanic was mad because he worked until one and that's when the bars closed so he couldn't even stop for one after work.
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    Unfortunately UPS is reactive instead of proactive when it comes to real safety concerns, especially if it costs money. I fear the only way something will get their attention is when, not if, something horrible happens.
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    We basically all work alone all day.
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    Are you on a statin?
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    Our mechanic starts at 6 pm also. Yes he does work alone till 1 to 2 am. Thank you for saying your concerns. I will bring up for discussion at our next safety meeting on Wednesday. As brought up above. Maybe a push button to alert someone is a good idea. There should not be any fight from the company. When you fear for your safety. They should reimburse you if need be. I do not believe there is anything in the contract. Contact your BA??
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    did talk to BA briefly when first changed, seems other mechanics work the same shift. I know another center lost the grievance on the start time change( same local), just wonder if anyone out there did have a legit reason to end reason for the working alone thing.
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    no health problems
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    I took a trailer to a small center every night around 10-10:30 pm. swapped out with an outbound load and left. All PT people would usually be leaving there about the time I arrived. The mechanic would be there alone when I left. Several times I would see strange cars come into the yard while I was there, which was unusual. I'd always call the mechanic. (I had his cell #. He would sometimes call me before I left the hub to bring him parts) And I would always make it a point to check on him when I was there to at least to say hi or bye. I would encourage him to close the gate when I left, since he would be alone till preload came in. That building was at the end of a dead end road. It gave me the creeps. Can't be too careful these days and time.

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    I work alone frequently as well. Every time the other guy goes on vacation, get sick, quits, dies, etc. Sometimes for months. Not so easy having over 100 vehicles assigned to you and an outside service guy for half the day for help.

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  13. rod

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    A lot of truth to that. If you had the big one in the back of your truck it would probably be a long time before someone found you.
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    It happened here years ago, driver was in the back of his truck early in the day and had a heart attack. No one knew anything was up til that afternoon when his pickups started calling in asking where he was.
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    I was going to add that. Another person present would not have been much help after the fact.
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    If you take statins which I do not, take coq10.. Not a derail just good sound advice. For all.
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    A change of start time of 2 hours gives you a bump. Why didn't you exercise your bump?

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    Defibrilators will now be installed with nobody around to operate them.
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    Interesting thread. I see our mechanic working with the feeders early..or late, as hell.
    Sometimes package trucks are lifted up on one side or another and I work around him at times delivering the irregular packages.
    I have wondered how dangerous it can be working on those beasts in our fleet. If I was mechanically inclined I would go for that job.
    Sounds pretty dangerous though. I have never seen our mechanic alone in the building but who is to say we wouldn't notice something happen.