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    I have worked at FedEx Ground for almost two months now. I keep hearing how UPS is a much better company to work for. If I ever get a chance, should I make the switch? In what ways is UPS better?
  2. menotyou

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    Read the fed ex threads, compared to the UPS union threads. If you want to be a UPS employee, you are expected to work.
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    Fedex part-timers get health care and I think are paid more hourly. UPS has better advancement but takes a long time to get there.
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    UPS parttimers get full med/dental/vision after a year. In my area Fredwrecks pays 50 cents more an hour to start, but you are pretty much capped at that for life. UPS pays same after 90 days and then guaranteed raise every year. UPS has a defined pension plan, and in WA you get an additional supplemental plan that you can cash out whenever you quit. If you need 50 cents more an hour for 3 months Fred Ex is the temp job for you. If you plan on staying around for more than 3 months it's UPS. It's a different story for Fulltimers, UPS has a far far far better compensation structure. One is a get by job, one is a career job.
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    AT THIS TIME , The way the economy is , id stay right were your at . ups has many problems and so dose fedx. who really knows whos better? fedx is a respectable job.( as is ups), and many other occupations, come on down to ups it all dependends on what sacrifice you are willing to do, most of your managment team at fed x came from ups dhl puralator ect, dont tell them you want to leave but ask them what they think of the big brown machine? the (s) in ups is sacrifice, good luck in your choice.
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    The large Fed ex building across the street has A/c. Our much, much larger building has non. I dont know where you are but thats a common thing to look out for, heating and cooling.

    The rasies system, which I come into, is way better then what is in place now. ( at UPS ) I get two raises a year, while the others after that contact ended, will only get one rasie a year. I'm at 3 1/2 years and will get 3 weeks off next year. This with more promise for more time off in the future. Not to menction benefits for you and your family. To include your family, its only an increase of 1cent per person.

    Plus all the advantages one could partake in the future of their employment. Fedex, on the other hand, wants you to pay for those jobs. Renting cars or buying semis, for example, are how you get into driving. Here, you can get into a car in time without renting or buying, while being trained.
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    I never realized until just now that Orly and Rocket Man must be related.
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    Fedex Express works different than Ground and home Delivery. Ground & Home delivery are contract jobs with no benefits, and drivers rent out the trucks. I don't know how good the benefits are with Express, but I know the initial payrate is much higher than UPS. That being said, I love UPS mainly due to the union protection and incredible benefits that few if any companies can touch. I'll can deal with my low pay rate now, the benefits are an absolute necessity!!!!
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    And how many months are you away from said benefits?
    You're praising something that you don't even get yet.
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    Woah, chill out. Didn't you read my very last sentence?.....I talk to people on my belt all the time about it. I'm just stating a fact
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    Talking to people doesn't mean you know.

    Um, my point is that you're on here giving advice and talking about stuff that you know nothing about because you've only been on the job, what 7 weeks?
    I'm happy that you got hired.
    I'm happy that you love your job.
    I'm happy that you want to be a helper.

    It's irritating to listen to you talk about stuff that you think you know, but don't actually, because you haven't been employed long enough.

    Sorry, should have kept my mouth shut.
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    Advice on how to get hired. That's the only advice I've given anybody sir. It's been 3.5 months since I was hired, not 7 weeks
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    Several posts ago it was "I've been a loader for 2 months"

    Which is it, sir?
  15. nystripe96

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    Find me that post date than? I started right before labor day. Listen seriously..., I don't give out advice like I know everything. I mostly ask questions because I'm eager to work & learn. The statement about the benefits & union protection is a fact ok. I didn't just make it up. I like what I do, albeit its only been 3.5 months.
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    Just chill out. If you're that obsessed with my posts, go read them all if that's what floats your boat. You'll see there's very little advice being given on my end
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    Im dissapointed in this post as a whole. Theres to many arguments. To much bickering be nice a gental treat your fellow cafers nice,
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    .....except one bought "Hooked on Phonics" and the other one didn't.
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    Its my last post im getting off site.
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    rocket, you can't leave. You are way to enjoyable.