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    can someone give me more details about this..
    Like how long do you have to be out before it kicks in..Do I need to call a number to have it started Or will they know? What exactly does this TAW mean, why are they saying ill be paid differently while working TAW? What if I dont work the measley 3 hours theyre allowing me to work and am I not guaranteed my 8 hours?
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    I would suggest you get out your phone book and look up your state dept of worker's comp and give them a call. It varies from state to state.

    TAW = Temporary Alternate Work (light duty). Paid different? I don't think so. There have been cases here in Calif where UPS got into trouble for not giving a worker on TAW the same average hours he had while on full duty. Be warned - most of that light duty can consist of watching safety videos and answering phones - but it still is at your full rate. If they are not letting you work the full amount of hours I would call 1. your BA and 2. State Workers Comp board.

    Having been thru this for some time (and being permanently disabled by UPS) I am telling you that you ned to get in touch with your state worker's comp board and talk to them about the rules for you state. You are your own best defense. Learn as much as you can so you can protect yourself! DO NOT TRUST UPS OR LIBERTY MUTUAL TO GIVE YOU ACCURATE INFORMATION!!!

    Good Luck
  3. W/C laws vary from state to state. TAW=temporary alternate work,which means if the comp Dr. puts you on light duty they will give you TAW according to your restrictions. Not sure what your state laws are but here you get paid 60% of your weekly salary or a max amount allowed in your state($650 a week here)You have to be out 2 weeks to start getting paid and you never get the first week back.Comp will be paid on the $$ you are earning now. It's hard to understand unless you've been on comp before.
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    TAW= you are guaranteed 8 hours.. They will try and get you to use your sick days or vacation. Just stick it out, no matter how boring it is, do not use SD/VA days. I was on TAW for 30 days prior to going out on comp
    (surgery) I just sat in the office with the oms's. They tried to code 5 me , they asked if I wanted to use vacation, and I said no I'll just sit here. Once you go out on comp I suggest you call Liberty Mutual and stay on top of them. Also, remember depending when you go out, you still get holiday pay.
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    Based on a set # of weeks prior paychecks, with a 2/3 average, up :thumbup1: to a cap like 600 or 650 bucks, 1st 7 days paid only after out 21 plus days, and don't forget mileage I got back $75 one time just for the mileage of my therapy, Dr appts, MRIs, etc etc
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    yeah I heard about the mileage...who do we turn our miles into..Because going there and back to my therapy is a total of 30 miles..
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    You need to get forms from your Liberty Mutual adjuster but in some places you have to travel to another city before they will pay for mileage.
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    If you aren't getting your 8 hrs then Liberty Mutual is supposed to pay the difference up to a certain percentage depending on your state comp laws. Good Luck
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    You are due 8 hours pay for TAW. It is up to the center on how and who they let use TAW, and from what I have been told, there is only so much TAW that they are allowed to use per center. Once that allowance for TAW is gone for the month or week, they just cut you loose. But once cut loose, then you are actually on workers comp. TAW is not governed by workers comp. It is a UPS policy that attempts to keep some simple injuries from becoming workers comp injuries. That is why any injury that is known you will be out for more than 30 days is not eligible for TAW pay. You just go straight out of work to workers comp.

    Liberty pays the milage if it is over 25 miles away from where you live. It might have changed a little.

    Here it is you get workers comp after the second week, and then after 21 days they pick up the first two weeks. But it is not unusual for liberty to drag its feet and you not get anything for upwards of two or three months. But believe me, once it is over, they stop the payments on a dime.

    As far as the milage, keep it down and you can fax it to them. They dont have a form for it per say, so any documentation you have is good. That includes doctors visits, rehab or therapy, or visits for surgury etc. Be honest. They will check the accuracy of your claims. If not sure, dont claim it. Better to be a few dollars short than fired.

    Bottom line on any workers comp is to keep excellent records of everything you do, every one you talk to and the subject of the conversation. Then store all this information in a place you can find it again later should you be reinjured.

    Case in point, I broke my foot early one day. I worked on it until almost 9:30 that evening, and finally got to the ER at 11PM. Because of all the damage to the foot because of working on the break, it was two weeks before they could even set the bone.

    After about 6 months, there was a knot on the foot that I assumed to be the bone healing. After several years, and the site being the size of a hens egg, and getting so sore I could not stand even a sheet on it, I went to have it removed. Because of the limits on the comp, and my lack of records, teamsters had to pay for it, with about 1200 out of pocket, plus almost 8 weeks of lost wages.

    So keep good records. LAck there of can come back to haunt you later. Cause Liberty does keep very good ones, and records just about every converstion you have with them.

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    The company that administers it like liberty mutual they send you a form so make copies and keep records.
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    ok got my check and for the TAW I was paid at..................
    8.50 a freaking hour..what the heck is It feels like my 15 years went out the door and Im a rehire..That will only fill my tank up to get me to and from work for those 2 hours a day they give me..Inconvience, yeah they got me!
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    First talk to your Manager or super about your pay rate and have them correct it, if they won't fix it file your grieveance for pay plus penalty. Call the Liberty Mutual adjuster and tell him/her the hours they are working you and they should pay you a percentage of your salary. Ours comes out to 80% of your average gross for the past 6 months. If not satisfied consult an attorney.
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    Funny I have been turned down for TAW for 3 weeks now, what do you think I should do. BTW is it me or do they try and do everything possible to deny your workers comp claim?
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    My understanding is all claims are denied and then you have at least one hearing to determine if you will get an injury under comp or not. They hope it will be too much hastle and you will just give up. So keep on fighting for it till the end.
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    You need to get a hold of the locale union rep and find a good lawyer .
    You need to see a different doctor that is not part of the work comp machinery
    Then have the lawyer set a hearing before a work comp judge and stop this bull crap.
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    Lot of good advice here that may not apply to you specifically. The 8.5 rate for TAW would be the correct rate in my area. You can not grieve it. I have heard of side deals as a result. Someone who is not hurt too bad gets a full release from the medical center then comes back and works an easier job for a week or two until they feel better. The operation benifits on their safety stats. The employee does not take the hit on the pay rate for working TAW

    Danny said they have to give you 8 hours of TAW where he is at. Here we can and do have part time TAW for full timers. In such a case work mans comp makes up the difference between the 4 hours TAW and the 8 hours pay.