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    Hey guys, I'm writing because I am having a lot of doubt in UPS and I'm starting to get worried. I graduated college in May and had a few interviews ready for after graduation when I got home, Casual driver position, being one of them. I felt as tho the interviews I went on were not for the most legit companies so I decided to give driving a shot, and from everything I learned/know/and was told about UPS, they are a great company to work for and like to hire from within. My goal was to drive as a casual until the end of the year and move up to Business Development, which just about everyone in UPS told me was very feasible and they sounded excited about me. Well, a week before peak ended, they tell me know BD isn't all that realistic for me at the time and introduced the idea of Part Time Supervisor. My spirit was instantly shot down when they told me that. I had a pretty crappy route, one that I was told is the worst for learning the area. Missing street signs, streets that don't even make sense, dirt roads (packages all fell on the ground). But I always thought; this is what I need to do and if I do, I will be a better person and get the career I truly want.

    They said I would need to do the P.T. Super job first, then be promoted up tom BD. Well, I took the MAPP assessment December 30th. I got laid off Dec 31st. One week later HR says, "hey we'd love for you to come in for an interview, hold tight, we will call you in a few days." I was so happy, so I waited one week and nothing came. So I called them and I hear, "oh yeah, a few days." well its now been almost 2 months. I could have gotten a different job in this amount of time. HR calls me last week to see if I am still interested in Management. They said I need to take the MAPP, I said I already did. They said, oh, how did you do? I said, nobody ever told me. "Oh, well we will look and call you today." I am tired of waiting to be called back, so I drove in. I made one hell of a good impression on them. They said the infamous "we will call you in a few days." That was last Tuesday, so almost a week.

    My question is: is this normal? I am thoroughly upset and disappointment in UPS whether or not it is normal. I busted my as* for them. They always messaged me saying to hurry up and to make scratch. Now they are this slow to react to me. Unacceptable for a company that just got honored 2nd best Human Resources. I feel like they affected me negatively, because I waited for them and as a result lost 2 months of a pay check. What do you guys think?
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    Welcome to UPS, You learned real quickly the most important thing you will ever need to know about UPS. They do not care about you or any other employee. If you have not done so, check into unemployement. Not sure if you can get it, depends on local rules. Also, part time sup is a dead end job. Do not take it.
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    It's normal so get some thick skin. They eat there own.
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    Think about this. UPS can't give those pt sup jobs away to the employees who already work here. Why? The answer should give you pause.
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    I agree with all that, but what does one do? wait 5 years til they promote another PT Super to open up a spot? For a job that may or may not even get me to BD, since they already deceived me once. I feel scammed by my own company. And after researching, it sounds like UPS in not the most honest or caring for their employees.They made BD look like it was right there. They said they are always looking for new people and especially younger people. I'm 22, the next youngest is like 42. I will give them til Friday, and then lost one of the best workers they will see.
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    You're giving UPS an ultimatum? Let us know how that works out for you.
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    You feel scammed by your own company? This can't be ups is just good people and honest as honest can be! Like I said get some thicker skin this isn't a place for the weak. It's time for you to regroup and grab your stones be a man and make your own destiny.
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    I am damn right giving UPS an ultimatum. I have a stellar resume and always prevail. They put me in a route where everybody struggles with. People have quit because of that route, tow trucks have spent a lot of time in that route, because drivers got into bad situations. Not me, because I am smart, aware, and one hell of a worker. By the end of peak when I was doing more stops then anyone else in history of that route and coming in an hour early, nobody could believe it. They want to treat an employee like this, they will lose in the long run.
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    I have submitted 2 letters of intent, which were evidently meaningless. I want to be in sales and marketing, since that is what my degree is in. I'm looking to get into fulltime management to make a career for myself, not to escape anything.
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    Weak? I sure as hell am not weak. I am just tired of getting thrown around. I've followed up with phone calls and personal visits. Each time I feel like I am closer to the job. Then nothing happens. I am doing exactly what I was taught in college and I am doing it well. UPS just feels like a lost cause. The things I have overcome doing this job in the route I had, would drive a "weak" person into the grave. I always continued and prevailed. My motivation was the promotion into BD. I did everything right. I am a standout employee, or was...
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    Why would you want to be in sales with this company. People get a degree so they don't have to work at UPS. Get a job with sales goals that are actually attainable.
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    Economy is tough. Most of my friends since May, still do not have jobs. I figured if I drove then a lot of positions would be open, which in my first ever interview they told me would be. I don't particularly favor sales, just a business job in a company that pays well, offers benefits, and won't be going anywhere. I told HR, I can do sales/marketing or Human Resources. I don't see sales in UPS being different from sales in any other company. Get leads, work off leads, present your ideas and try to complete the sale.
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    I don't understand why they won't hire you either. It sounds like you have the right stuff and your very seasoned at 22 years old. If I was the one doing the hiring I would offer you a job as a part-time supervisor. With your experience your a lock.
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    Did you have seniority before you were laid off,or were you just a Seasonal Driver? ( i'm thinking you were just seasonal)
    I have heard the management spin many yarns to Seasonal employees with vague promises of future jobs or management positions. I have heard management infer things alonng the lines of 'you do a really good job, make my numbers look good we'll have a nice spot for you come first of the year'.............sounds like you may have been suckered
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    If UPS is really what you want then hang in there. The only thing that you might consider is that being into BD is not exactly the same thing as being in operations. In my building they all seem to be hired off the street and quickly move on. I know that most people in sales have a hard time adjusting to the UPS way of business. Like said above most get degrees to make their own rules but at UPS they make the rules regardless if your the car washer or the regional BD manager.

    Good luck with what ever you decide.
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    It's funny, when I expressed interest in becoming a driver, everybody and I'm talking everybody I spoke with, parents and friends spoke with, all said "Oh yeah, UPS is a great company to work for." UPS employees told me it was tough being a driver, but they never mentioned any of the downs and negatives you guys all expressed and I have learned. Its unfortunate, because I will probably have to search and look elsewhere. I could of used the last half of last year to find a better direction for my destiny. I was a seasonal or casual driver. And even when I became a driver they made me wait over a month from the time I finished driving school til my first day. I was the only one they did that too. When the other guy quit, they trained me on the same route. 5 of us from my building passed class together and 2 finished peak. And yes management probably filled my head with false hopes and expectations. I made this post to get feedback from other UPSers. Thank you for all your feedback.
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    Ya, they will never be able to replace you!! Your the greatest thung since sliced bread!! Good luck to ya, you and management will be a perfect fit. You deserve each other!!
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    The company has not yet recovered from the reorg that took place last summer. Quite frankly, no one knows how many positions there are or whether they have the authority to fill them. Even in operations, the micromanaging from Corporate is stunning in its idiocy. We had a saying where I used to work (within UPS) that we used when things were spinning around us in chaos: "Cheer up, we could be working for a POORLY managed company!" And it was true....

    Advice: find a small to medium sized company to work for. All large corporations are screwed up by the nature of their size. If you can't deal with a cross between Kafka and Catch-22, you will not thrive.

    As large American corporations go, UPS is still pretty good. That's not saying a lot about the current state of large American corporations these days.
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