Worth becoming a driver?

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    Hi all, I have been at UPS for 3 1/2 years. I know it is nothing compared to alot of others. I load twilight shift. Anyway, I am at a point that I either stick with UPS or I want to to into law enforcement. I keep hearing stick with it the money is well worth the wait. Then again I hear how bad management treats drivers and how drivers can easily be fired. Is the actuality or people blowing steam? thanks in advance
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    You can not paint the title of driver or management with the stroke of a brush. The job of a driver is what you make of it. Some hate it, others love it. Again, it is up to you. I spent 33 yrs working for UPS, most days were good but there were some bad ones. All in all to me it was worth it. Just remember when you sign up for it the job of a driver is not a 9-5 day.
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    If you are passionate about law enforcement, then I would get into law enforcement. If you think that law enforcement is alright, but is a steady job and can pay the bills, then I would consider staying with UPS and being a driver. Drivers (depending on if you're pkg or feeder, I suppose) probably get paid better than a regular "cop" and don't have to worry about getting shot at. Where I work, I have only heard of drivers getting fired for committing egregious safety violations (one guy ran a lady over in the yard) or for repeatedly making the same mistake over again (pulling trailers off the wall whlie people are still inside of them). Other than these things, the union will be able to prevent you from losing your job (or will get you your job back) for just about any other violation (performance or attendance). Bear in mind too that because we have a union at UPS, management tries to terminate people at a higher rate than non-union companies because it takes more to terminate a person when there is a union. So the "termination" word gets tossed around a lot, but actual termination (e.g. the person is no longer with the company and has no chance of coming back) happens far less than non-union companies. Anyways, I'm getting long winded, but this is my opinion on it.
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    For money, UPS (driving, at least) would be the way to go. You should also look at how long to retirement (max. pension payout achieved), probably less for LE. As far as whether or not the pension will be there, for either UPS or LE, that's another discussion. Both of those careers require a thick skin (LE gets abuse from their "customers", UPS drivers from mgmt.), have a high risk of injury, and you always need to do what's right (regardless of who's trying to convince you otherwise), and working outside in the elements.
    Do you have a good estimate of how long the wait is to be a driver?
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    I'm glad you said this was your opinion because I would really like to see the facts. A very good friend of mine who was the driver on the route next to me had a problem with working every day. He was fired and it was upheld. He told me afterwards how stupid he was to lose his job over that. Since then I've lost contact as he moved out of state.
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    For the most part being a driver is a pretty good job, once you get out of the building you are on your own(other than the electronic surveilance). The pay and benefits are very good and will give you a comfortable living, however there is(as with any job) the bad days. If you are a hard worker and can follow instructions to the letter(which you must be able to do if you have been there more than 3 years) You should be able to do well as a driver.

    The best part are the relationships you build with your customers. I have customers that are lifelong friends, and would not trade them for anything!!
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    I don't know. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have given you a resounding "hell yeah, pick UPS!." But now, it's numbers, numbers, numbers. The human component seems to have been lost recently and I doubt that it will ever come back. Gone with the Christmas turkeys, safe driving awards, safety breakfast snacks, and days off "just because."

    I would tell you to go with law enforcement if you really like that. Eventually, you will be making more money than us and I bet your body will be in way better shape after 30 years. JMHO
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    I would say it depends on where you live. In NJ after a few years most patrolmen make as much if not more than a UPS driver. (partial explanation for our high taxes) The hours for both are bad, patrolmen work rotating shifts and weekend UPS drivers long hours. As a policeman, other than court time you should just work 40 a week. The odds of someone shooting you are greater for police. Cops get great benefits, so do UPS drivers.
    It is to the point you need a college degree in law enforcement to get a job as a cop, the competition is tough.
    As I said before, it depends on where you live, whether you're going for State Police, or more local LE.
    I worked with a guy years ago whose brother became a NJ state trooper, he'd come into work every Monday saying he talked to his brother and was told 3 guys dropped out, 2 the next week, etc. It's tough training, I met his brother after he graduated, was ramrod straight, chest out, stomach, yes sir, how you doing sir, etc.
    A few months ago was a post that said Suffolk County, Long Island cops made $90k a year. If you can talk to a few cops and find out who has the best deal, etc, the pros and cons of the job. You can usually find a couple cops hanging around a donut shop, (this is said half in jest, I stop at a Dunkin Donuts every nite on my way to work and there is usually a couple there on their break).
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    I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say here: Are you saying that you think my opinion is way off because you know of a guy that got fired because of bad attendance? Or are you saying that my opinion seems close to reality because your friend regrets losing his job due to his attendance issues?

    One thing I will say: If you lose your job at UPS due to an attendance issue, you probably deserved to get fired way before you actually did. It is so annoying when the union takes sides with guys that can't work a full week two weeks in a row and who when they do show up, are late half the time. It is very likely that if your friend got fired for attendance, it's not because he missed work every now and then; he was probably missing once a week or every other week.
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    money is not everything, do something that fits your personality and something that you have a passion for. UPS is not what it used to be,so i think you are far better off in the long run if you get into law enforcement.
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    I have 30 years, all in package cars. I could have made some other choices along the way, other careers or management. I have no regrets. The most important thing for you, regardless of which career you chose, is to never regret your decision.
  12. rod

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    Sad to say but I would recommend going with law inforcement. If you would have asked this question a few years ago my answer would of been entirely different. UPS is not even a shell of the great company it once was. The United and the Service part of United Parcel Service has long ago disappeared. :sad-little:
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    you have to ask is it worth it? STAY AT HOME . PLEASE.
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    Go with Law enforcement hands down. I had the choice between LE and UPS years ago and chose UPS as the money was better at the time. Looking back had I known then what I know now my decision would most likely been different. I have a good friend who works county LE and his pay is not much less than mine and he has 5 less years of seniority than me with UPS,but when he tells me about his pension plan it blows mine out of the water.
  15. Tired Driver

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    The decision to make is do you want to provide for your family or see them. Have been with UPS for 22 years and have missed alot of family events. But I know the pain and stress that we deal with is worth it for them.
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    Kinda like what Buffaloaf said.... go with what your love is,,, it is always better to go with what you love doing. I dont know a lot of young people who said "I wanna be a UPS driver when I grow up".
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    If money is your top priority,then I would stay with UPS. If doing something you enjoy is more important,then law enforcement is the way to go.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Why could'nt you work trying to get a driver job at UPS and working for LE as possibly a reserve. That way you could get the best of both worlds. And, if the UPS job doesn't work out then as a active reserve you should not have a problem getting a job with some local PD.
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    Thanks all for the great reply's. Everyone's opinion helps. Ultimately I guess it should be what I would enjoy doing. But then again I have no idea if driver would be something I would enjoy
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    Law enforcement is ions and ions of boredom, spliced with moments of stark terror. UPS is ions and ions of boredom spliced with moments of stark terror.