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    First and foremost thank you for everyone that has taken out time to read and give any input.

    Workman’s comp issues / thoughts and advice

    32 year old currently. 15 years of service mechanic

    Injured late in 2015 proceeded to a workman’s comp/off of work.

    My surgeon recommended surgery. Fusion of c3/4 and c4/5 Surgery was approved 3-1/2 months later.

    Wife gets pregnant luckily we have baby before insurance cut us off 2 weeks later.

    Surgery went ok took over a year to partially recover.

    TTD payments all on time no issues

    I get sent to the same DR 2 times for an IME. Because of pain discomfort and numbness in arms. Comp denies EMG 2 times finnally on the 3rd time we get EMG approved.

    EMG shows nerve damage and carpal tunnel in both hands. Results of IME are about the same no release to work ect.

    I get sent back to my surgeon who releases me with restrictions pretty much saying you will never be a mechanic again and however you feel now is about as good as it gets.

    TTD benefits stop Aug 2017

    I then get sent for a FCE which I passed but results showed I would not be able to go back to my old job.

    Company offers 100k settlement in October 2017

    I refuse

    Company offer $114k settlement in May 2018

    I refuse

    So it’s almost a year with no TTD and or Maitnence payments and a very low end settlement offer.

    Man as a whole at 25%

    I’m left broke

    Still in pain

    Carpal tunnel

    Nerve damage.

    No job.

    I am not playing a violin here I am here to see if anyone has any advice.

    Yes I have lawyer and this is in the state of Illinois.
  2. Brother you need to talk your union and
    go on short term disability and then maybe long-term disability
  3. What does your lawyer say? Have you checked out his advice with another atty?
    In the abundance of councillors there's safety.

    We had a ft employee damage his knee and the company refused to repair it, paid him off about $150 Gs and cut him loose.
    He was in his mid 40's.
    He could've had them pay for schooling for 5 yrs to better himself into another vocation but he took the payoff instead.
    Your state laws may be different from ours but having two attys opinions is the way to go.
    It paid off for my friend.
    Best to you...hang in there.
    It's not your fault .
    Remember that on tough days.
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    Thank you I appreciate the info.
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    I went through something like that, I refused all offers. Took it to trial, got a smaller settlement, but lifetime open medical. It's been almost 7 years. Now they are trying to buy my open medical, and the numbers just keep going up. But I feel good knowing that all injuries related will always be taken care of with no financial liability. I am sure you can get that kind of deal with re education expenses. The attorneys don't care to talk about open medical because it doesn't get them as much when they get there share. But your young and have a lot of life left. I was 28 when I went through that :censored2:.
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    So what's the end of the story?